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    When the only good thing about duelist is its semi-burst holy balisong which you made a joke about 2-3 years earlier but it's still bugged

    Please bring this patch in early please.

    its bugged on jumpcast yea but the burst works so i always take it as killing blow on either boss or player if i have time.
    The casting time is ridiculous for it to be used in middle or initiation.

    E-sports killed everything.
    Everyone who refrain from getting a decent job to get money risks and focuses on esport games rather than comfy mmo like this one.

    That's the main reason why mmo's are lowkey today.

    Only mmo games that survived are either had loyal players and based on nostalgia triggers or some game with nice graphics then barely survives after the hype.

    Mod edit: removed Spoiler

    i am bow main and i can safely conclude that attack speed makes you charge faster and grenadier with bow sub is the fastest charging type of bow sub you can see in the game

    anyways, budget wise ravager is the best because everything you need on it is cheap.
    Flame skills is cheap, flame eido is free so therefore... it's the best budget wise.
    Sorc can also par with this but you might fall asleep because sorc is calm as fiddlesticks.

    But if you're one of those dudes who throw money on screen then you can consider going Lance and steamroll everything with hymn of doom

    In an era of broken fights another broken, imma post ultra-awesome combo skills that will actually never happe- i mean... would make combo skills on duelist relevant as well as
    making duelist ultra broken coz im bored


    1.Redemption 61205-323ec8a0a07e30d51ebe4092b3b008ce.jpg:AK12:

    Flies in the air with holy aura and fuse with the Spirit of the Holy Duelist granting you buff that lasts for 4 seconds.

    This buff converts 100% of damage taken to HP recovery (Before reductions). Can also be automatically activated after reaching 40% HP threshold.

    Casting time : Instant

    Animation time : 2.5

    Cooldown : 40

    Notes :

    -Cannot move during animation time, means you can only attack or do action on last 1.5 seconds while under the buff.

    -Cannot be interrupted by stun

    -Cooldown triggers after the buff ends

    2.Surge of Cocytus 58128-6430f2bef82e2700c732b3765f8abaf6.jpg:AK8:

    Turns around and perform an idle back pose with your character as you bombard the area around you with barrage of blades dealing ice damage and stunning all nearby enemies.

    Stun duration : 2.5

    Damage : 255%

    Casting time : 1

    Radius : 755

    Cooldown : 25

    Notes :
    -Swords drop separately but the damage is dealt by the time enemy enters Surge of Cocytus' field

    3.Wings of Resurgence 93636-a81404874b5f3361b73a8f37d1028904.jpg:AK5:

    Upon activation, grants a buff that causes Swift Somersault or Windfury to fully dodge incoming attacks and return it to their owners with their effects as holy damage.

    Wings of heaven appears on your back in every successful dodge while a slashing Holy Judgement Knight appears on back of enemy who got reflected.
    Windfury is allowed to be casted on the ground while under this buff.

    Damage reflected : 77% (Before reductions)

    Casting Time : Instant

    Buff duration : 5

    Number of skills to be possibly reflected : 1

    Cooldown : 16


    -Cooldown starts after duration ends or an instance of dodge is already used

    -Doesn't block or reflect auto-attacks, only skills.

    -The Holy Judgement Knight fades after the enemy takes the reflect damage.


    1.Shrapnel 121452-d83194b24ba25cce77f53aa4dc90155d.jpg:AK19:

    This ability requires to be activated twice.
    First activation, shoots a special bullet in the air towards an area. Second activation, character dashes and slash the bullet into shreds at
    the bullet's current position, creating a shrapnel. The shrapnel lasts for 3 seconds and deals 60% of your damage as storm damage per interval.

    If the bullet was not slashed, it will just deal damage.

    All enemies inside the shrapnel are also ministunned.

    Cast range : 25 meters

    Non-activated damage : 170%
    Damage interval : 0.30

    Ministun duration : 0.16
    Casting time : 1.75

    Radius : 425

    Cooldown : 16

    Notes :
    -The initial animation is red/orange explosion but the shrapnels are dark green

    2.Blizzard Phantom 109315-5498983124211983be52768dd5f6562d.jpg:AK4:

    Summons a ritual circle by shooting the ground or slashing (depends on main class) and performs a chill stance above it. All random targets who enters the circle or attacks you will get slashed if main class is duelist and will get shot if main class is gunslinger as the character teleports around the target, dealing violent damage.
    After the random slashes, character performs a last attack using sub-class that deals ice damage.

    Casting time : 1
    Entrapment duration : 2

    Max attacks during phantom blizzard : 9 (10/11/12 with masteries)

    Slash/Shots interval : 0.40

    Random attacks damage : 115%

    Last attack damage : 140%

    Radius : 750

    Cooldown : 80

    Notes :
    -Cannot move, attack or cast skills during the stance.
    -The circle fails if it is summoned on a place where there's people.

    3. Eternal-Peace Offering 100609-e147ce40fa50f326eab29ae1856d8ebc.jpg:AK9:

    Shoots yourself in the head with a ritual manner as it kills you instantly. While dying, your allies will get healed by 30% for 4 seconds.
    Applies "Eternal Peace Cooldown" buff on allies for 25 seconds. If the same class casted this skill while allies are under "Eternal Peace Cooldown",
    Heal rate becomes 3% instead of 30% but the "Eternal Peace Cooldown" duration still goes on and won't reset.

    Casting time : Instant

    Cooldown : 50

    Notes :

    -In PVP, enemies don't get any benefit from your death

    -In PVE, you will get credit to all enemies killed by your allies while they're under the buff


    1.Firestorm :AK6:

    Stays the same but applies a buff on enemy where their positive buffs' duration are on hold and won't work while getting hit by firestorm.

    2.Violent Bombardment

    Now stuns targets for 3 seconds after last attack.

    3.Archangel's Flight 60912-bbde92df18d7e584577a80545fa258c7.jpg:AK18:

    First, Blesses your dual blades with holy power, next tosses them in the air then smash with your axe

    and send them flying towards the target dealing damage and possibly bouncing on nearby enemies too.

    The daggers run with light runic trails but those doesn't do anything aside from eye-candy purposes.

    Each bounce heals your HP by 20%.

    Casting time : 2
    Cast range : 17 meters
    Heal : 20%

    Damage : 150%
    Number of bounce : 8
    Casting time : 3.5
    Cooldown : 16


    1.Rocket Sword

    Stays the same but 50% of damage dealt by your next attack will heal your hp.

    2.Whirling Dragon

    Stays the same, except Holy/Ice for weapon bonus damage or not.

    3.Android Companion Cyborg1.pngCyborg2.png:AK3:

    Summons an android version of your subclass that can cast your subclass skills. The machine can cast up to 2 subclass skills.

    Machine damage dealt : 100%

    Casting time : Instant

    Summon duration : 20 or until 2 subclass skills are casted

    Cooldown : 15


    -All positive buffs that the machine receives is granted to the character.

    -Machine Gun Turret summoned by the machine disappears after 6 attacks.

    -The machine is untargetable and cannot do auto-attacks.

    -You can cast your sub-skills by your own again after the Machine disappears.

    -Adds additional slot on grenadier passives that allows you to put any costume to be used by the bot.

    -The bot is always opposite of your gender.

    -If no costume is present, the bot will have its default skin.

    -The bot copies your costume's stats and your stats regardless of what costume it is wearing

    -Cannot summon more than 1 Android.


    Misc :
    5% HP heal potions are now available in PVP npc and costs 1 war coin each and cannot be used outside of battlefield

    i think they should just go like how games are balanced rn.

    you know? overbuffing things and making broken fight another broken.
    games balanced that way are still healthy all these years

    at least they did some "nerfs" yeah... xd

    also, i slightly get why some mmos are greedy, they need money to maintain stuff and if it doesn't get money anymore then it gets killed.

    In the end, its all about business.

    I'd like a balanced game though

    hhmmm like this?:AK19:

    possibly lol

    I'd rather see the existing classes (and state of the game as a whole) balanced better, rather just tossing a new broken class into the mix yearly. I'm not a fan of the way overloaded and broken kit. I'm not really sensing any sort of cohesiveness, theme, or reasoning to a lot of this either. I know Aura Kingdom is already rather broken, but this would just push it way further.

    The new class set to come is a guitar weapon using class that is somewhat of a support/DPS/utility hybrid class. It is likely a year or more off, given that's how far this version is behind in content compared to the original Taiwan version, developed by X-Legends.

    i just had a thought of a class that will awaken the inner "cool kid" of everyone and possibly touch their wallets since the mastery skill is a reference to pudge hooks or lets say just hook/grab skill and its going to be fun.
    also, it will make pvp less brainded coz you had to dodge that fancy hook rather than your daily "stand in middle, use 1 skill and get some kill" mentality.
    i rarely see guards who drag an op guy away from his/her teammates so why not just drag the op guy by yourself as a damager.

    you will get hooked out of nowhere like literally GET OVER HERE.
    also, you will get HOOKED on this class coz its hella fast paced and wakes your adrenaline up.

    I can wait for 3 years as long as im noted lol

    you guys are the test subject, if theres an action then there will be a reaction especially on dudes at taiwan.
    if there was no complain, everything will stay plain by means nothing will happen.

    it could be months, years or decades but broken and "broken" things will get fixed regardless.
    Calm down, open your mouth wide and eat the contents coming while your hands are tied up because thats how things work and will always
    be, although we can complain like what i said before but specifically since saying things are broken and not being specific will make the dev's heads go potato.
    They're still regular humans after all and not some boo-boo gaga with the magic orb that shows all the things.

    Weapon : Double Chained Hookblade, Chained Sword or Chained Large Hook

    1.Slice of Rust [Violent]

    Charges then slices the target with your rusty blade.

    -Casting time : 0.66

    -Deals 144% damage on target

    -Cast range : 2 meters

    Masteries :

    M1.Fury Swipes - Reduces target's def by 8% + 1033/1566/2099/2632 for 8 seconds

    M1.Tetanus Slice - Deals 3%/6%/9%/12% of damage as DPS for 4.75 seconds

    Cooldown : 3

    2.Coconut Cracker [Violent]

    Moves behind then above the target's head. Forms a sword made of chains and smashes target with it.

    Stuns main target while damage splashes on nearby enemies.

    Casting time : 0.55

    Cast range : 1.8 meters

    Splash radius : 4 meters

    Stun duration : 2.25

    Damage : 149%

    Masteries :

    M1.Coconut Run - Increases movement speed by 5%/10%/15%/20% for 3 seconds after using this skill

    Cooldown : 6

    4.Sonic Slice [Violent]

    Sends out a slice that acts like a sonic boom, knockbacking targets by 1-8 meters.

    Every 10% fill on charge gauge counts as 0.80 meters knockback

    Casting time : 0.33~1.5

    Damage : 175%-220%

    Range : 3.5 meters

    Cooldown : 5

    4. Cocoon

    Hides in a steel cocoon made of chains and disables self mobility, reducing damage taken by 100% and
    completely dodges all debuffs for 0.88 seconds.

    Envoy : Float like a Butterfly

    Regenerates 6% HP for 6 seconds in each use, doesn't stack multiple times but resets duration.

    Casting time : Instant

    Cooldown : 7.5

    5.Magma Burst [Flame] [Skillshot]

    Digs chains underground then amplifies it with lava, damaging a certain area.

    The closer the target to you, the more damage is done.

    Casting time : 1.5

    Damage : 110%-159%

    Max Range bonus damage : 67%

    Minimum Range bonus damage :0%

    Max range : 6.5 meters

    Radius : 440

    Masteries :

    M3.Eruption - Meele range magma burst deals 6% of your damage as per second on affected enemies that lasts for 3/5/7/9 seconds.

    M3.Frozen Field - Magma Burst becomes Ice and slows enemies by 20%/25%/30%/35% for 4 seconds

    Cooldown : 10

    6.Limit Breaker

    Grants a buff that causes your 4th attacks to always deal 57% bonus damage.

    +6% HP and 6% Eva

    Duration : 20 seconds

    Mastery :

    M3.Violence - Violent skills deals 9%/12%/15%/18% more damage

    Cooldown : 40

    7.Imperial Pierce [Dark]

    Stabs the target immediately with a chain, slowing him by 30% for 3 seconds

    Casting time : 0.88

    Damage : 147%

    Range : 7 meters
    Cooldown : 4

    8.Silent Blade [Violent]
    Releases a quick slice that doesn't make any sound, reduces enemy's healing by 60% for 5.25 seconds.
    Casting time : Instant
    Damage : 157.5%

    Your next single target attack will disable the enemy from using skills for 2 seconds, self buff lasts for 25 seconds.

    Debuff Block for enemy lasts for 8 seconds.

    Cooldown : 7

    Envoy :

    Severe Wounds - Damage dealt increased by 44% and hits 440 radius against non-player units.

    Cooldown : 3

    Mastery Skill 1 - Helldrag [Skillshot] [Violent]

    Drags the target towards you, damage increases the further the target is.

    Cast range : 12 meters

    Damage : 129%~239%

    Missile speed : 185%

    Unit travel speed : 400%
    Cooldown : 12

    Lv. 60 Buff - +15% DMG, 8% PEN and Violent Skills deal 25% more damage.

    Mastery Skill 2 - Hellspawn [Skillshot] [Dark]

    Flies in the air then summons chains made of arcanary to entangle enemies in front of you in a cone shape.

    Immobilize duration : 2.5

    Cast range : 7 meters

    Damage : 147%
    Radius : 75~440
    Cooldown : 8

    Lv. 60 Buff - +20% HP, +16% PEN and debuffs lasts for 77% more seconds.

    Buff Skill :

    1.Pain and Precision

    Increases accuracy by 5% and PEN by 6.66%

    Other Passives :

    Sadist Initiative
    -If target is 80% HP and above, damage dealt is increased by 22%

    Kill is the Cure
    -Heals HP by 40% after successfully killing an enemy. 20 seconds cooldown.
    -6% per kill on non-player units and 60% for bosses. No cooldown.

    Notes :
    Skillshot - Spell is activated on the ground instantly after the button is triggered regardless of hitting any target or not