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    During Awakening Patch Its Better To Use Crit Dmg VS Boss Since In Upcoming Awakening Patch sl1 Reaper Weapon Does Not Give Crit Dmg VS Boss And If Ur Using A sl1 Shuri Weapon As Sub Then U Will Have Very Bad Crit Dmg VS Boss Because Shuri sl1 Weapon Only Gives Crit Rate 20%VS Boss Resulting In A Very Low Crit Dmg VS Boss.SL1 Reaper is also Crit Rate VS Boss 20% Making Using sl1 Shuri Weapon Not Optimal For A Sub Since U Are Losing A Great Amount Of Crit Dmg VS Boss.Ur Base Crit Dmg Cap is 320%(Using Nyquist)And 370% Using 95 Crit Dmg Set Based On This Using Crit Dmg Costume VS Boss Will Be Usefull.During Awakening The Sub Ur Probaly Going To Use Is Bettween Sub Bard /Sub Lancer.Sub Lancer would be usefull to increase dps since Hyme Of Doom Is Dark Skill And Are Affected By Dmg of Dark Skill From Eidos/Mount,Since Lancer Use Marks As A Way Of Activating this Skill its easier to use this rather than relying on Razor Wind Which U Need Chakra To Cast,Sub Lancer Also Have Some Flat Deff Shred Which Reduce Deff With 1 Debuff while Shuriken Toss Deff Shred Stacks up to 5 times which is quite bad because stacking Shuri Deff Shred On Sub Is Time Consuming And Also with 50% speed Shuriken Toss CD is 4.8second and deff shred last for 6 second making it difficult to rotate ur skill because of unreliable deff shred but when ur using sub Lancer its easier because its instanly reduced without the need of stacking the downside of this deff shred is its melee range and also have lower deff shred value than 5 stacks of shuriken toss,There One Massive Downside To Lancer Sub and its the lack of stun, Reaper need a stun eido as a way to remove this downside when using sub lancer Note: U Could Use Marks Awakening If ur nocturnal lifesteal is low And It Provide a decent amount of all stats +.Moving On Sub Bard Is also an option because of heal and 12%detail dmg with stun skill but sl1 bard lacks crit dmg vs boss because it provides dmg reduced 8% from boss and elite.The Down Side Of Sub Bard Is The Lack Of Burst Dmg if ur making a dps reaper and the lack of crit dmg vs boss from the sl1 weapon

    Notes:Lulos 10% Chance To Deal Extra Dmg Is 30%dmg zeal effect

    Alia:1%unnerf Lifesteal+X Recover HP Which Works Greatly with right path since the pool are affected by this lifesteal effect

    U Could Also Use Some Demon Pact Costume Enchantment As A Switch Costume When U Summon Ur Demon