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    Did anyone tell pcp? haaa

    IGN: Akaikawaii (who else)

    Server: Chimera


    Explanation → It's supposed to be a present. Fantasy vouchers represent a ribbon, scrolls with pure crystals represent the little star decoration.

    Idea → The theme is clear. The first 3 columns are inspired by Christmas, the next 3 columns are inspired by New Year. Because there were released many awesome costumes, I included fantasy vouchers in my para as the main traps. It's Christmas, so I decided to add into my para 2 newly released costumes, which represent the outfit for the Christmas dinner. The point of my paragon is to make the game better with items, which weren't for a long time or never seen in any paragon. Also I added again a bit of Valor Coins to slightly support PvP.

    Eidolons - Hades is girl's bae, Muramasa is popular.

    Don't worry, I didn't forget about the Legend.