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    Transcendent is practically new, just about a year old in AKUS.

    Since the guild was founded, we have built a steadfast community of gamers who not only love playing AK, but other games as well.

    It's not everyone's type of guild - we're practically passive in game, mostly alive on the weekends.

    As much as possible, we try to avoid drama when we can, and try to keep it under wraps when it does happen.

    Overall, we have a solid number of veterans who have been with us since creation, and we'd love to expand.

    What we have in Transcendent:
    - Discord Server
    - Website (
    - Minecraft Server
    - Steam Group

    - Regular contests / giveaways (not only in game - we give free Steam games too from time to time)

    Our guild may not be the most flashy one in game or the one with the most active / high-level players, but we sure can keep you company, especially in Discord, when you feel like you need someone to share your games with.


    2019-11-12 13_12_45-Clipboard.jpg

    Probably the most casual (and still alive) guild in AK US.


    Stoppers on all rows :AK18:

    IGN: Goddess

    Server: Olympus

    Row 1 (L-R):

    Great Eidolon Lucky Pack

    XP Card (3)

    300 Loyalty Points

    Stylish Lunar Specs

    Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points (stopper)

    Fluorescent Bead (5)

    Row 2 (L-R):

    Blazing Motorcycle

    Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points (3)

    Dazzling Eidolon XP Crystal (10)

    Fluorescent Bead (10) (stopper)

    Gorgeous Eidolon Lucky Pack

    Advanced XP Card (2)

    Row 3 (L-R):

    Lucky Card (3)

    30th-Order Weapon Fortification (Non-Tradable)

    Super Treasure Charm (2)

    500 Loyalty Points

    Unidentified Legendary Awakening Weapon Crate (SLv.5)

    Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points (5) (stopper)

    Row 4 (L-R):

    1000 Loyalty Points

    Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points (7)

    Rare Eidolon Lucky Pack

    Advanced Lucky Card (2)

    Dazzling Eidolon XP Crystal (15) (stopper)

    Sonic Motorcycle

    Row 5 (L-R):

    Super Treasure Charm (3)

    Fluorescent Bead (10) (stopper)

    Mastery Pass (3)

    30th-Order Armor Fortification (Non-Tradable)

    Aoandon's Key of Gaia Fragment

    Happy Eidolon Lucky Pack

    Row 6 (L-R):

    Elizabeth's Key Fragment

    Mysterious Eidolon Lucky Pack

    Dark Amber Lightspeed Machine

    5000 Loyalty Points

    Dazzling Eidolon XP Crystal (20) (stopper)

    Superior Mastery Pass (2)

    Row 7 (L-R):

    Unidentified Legendary Awakening Weapon Crate (SLv.5)

    Dazzling Eidolon XP Crystal (25) (stopper)

    30th-Order Accessory Fortification (Non-Tradable)

    Super Treasure Charm (5)

    Seiryuu's Key Fragment

    Fantasy Gift Voucher: 100 Points