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    Well, the game was designed like that and it just goes with this obvious route:
    Make a layer of dmg reduction => Release new items, gears to counter it => repeat.

    Limiting yourself is fun, but to get it works, you need many people to make it fun. Like in PvP, You can pretend all those high end gears with ridiculous stats are none-exist by joining Lv60s batch thanks to the game providing a feature for it. But nothing like it exist in PvE. You will need large a large number of players willing to do it to make it fun. But human are lazy, we would find something else better to enjoy more often than trying to change ourselves to enjoy something we currently have. And that's exactly what most of people who quit did. They just don't find much fun in this game now and there are tons of other games out there offering much better things to enjoy without much less effort.

    Sadly, there aren't many players sticking around like you do. Most will just quit and go for newer, better things when they get bored.

    The game itself is kinda bugged. Then apparently Aeria kicked in to make it worse with these random lag, late respond from servers (which it didn't have back in the days when there're more players around).

    And yep, some newer AMD drivers appear to be not fully compatible with the game. Although not all but most of the complains in the old forum were from people using AMD cards (and updated their driver). Still, as an AMD owner, for me, the newest drivers have somewhat solved it. So you should try updating it, but remember to create a back up/restore point in case of weird things happened.

    Idk, they probably know that their potato servers can't handle the merge so they just avoid it.

    Or from their perspective, as long as the game hit a threshold of total x players, average y players and $$$ amount of money, they will keep it as it is.

    Or they just love their hamsters so much (their power supply sources) so that they can't put a server down and fire half of the hamsters away.

    Really, it can be anything, idk.

    Hmm... many new players, huh?
    Well, that's good thing to hear. But ya, people are lazy, most of them won't bother reading a long paragraph or even 3 lines of tutorial.

    Back to the original topic, I think we should just write general guides to help them get to the majority base ASAP with a decent knowledge of the game. DPS guide is a great example of that because it's general, can be used for all classes and all levels. And to be fair, most classes all come to a very conclusion is that: "Damage > all". All that left is the actual play style that people should develop themselves. (Shouting to the guy playing with no subclass, you're my idol).

    And to achieve that, economy guide would be nice. Who doesn't love money? Who doesn't love making gold? Rather than just simply tell people how they should do stuff, maybe we should tell them how to make money and hint them how to spend it.

    So I was checking the new costumes from the patch and suddenly... I discovered THIS!!!


    See nothing special? Well have a look at these older costumes.


    Bet you'd seen something's out of the place now, huh?

    All these costumes represent different size with the bikini as smallest and pajama as biggest. What does this mean? Has my whole AK life a lie?

    If not, then what are those behind that cutey pink pajama above? Are they really mankind's hopes and dreams? Or are they LIES?

    Answer me, AK! What kind of sorcery is this?!!