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    Hi, my name is Suuran, I'm a Warbow on Siren server. I'll try to make this detailed, but clear, so you can read along with no problems.

    I expect anyone reading this guide to have a fundamental understanding of:

    Basic Understanding of Warbow Skills

    Basics of PvE DPS

    Basics of Elementals


    C = Charge

    U = Uncharge

    DS = Dimensional Shot

    AoL = Arrow of Light

    TS = Triple Shot

    CS = Corrosive Shot

    Ult = Ultimate skill

    def = defense

    B2B = back to back (when you're running to next boss & interacting with mobs)

    BotW = Blessing of the Winds

    Sub Classes:

    Bard - (Practically the best sub for bow):



    Rhapsody - best party buff

    90 Harp gives a lot of movespeed + can put a 9% movespeed card in the harp

    Best subclass for more under geared players and those who aren't full +30 because it definitely helps survivablility due to the ults.

    In addition, if you are using 95 gold bow, you're going to be lacking boss damage so ballad makes up for it because of it's 12% detailed dmg when all 3 stacks are acquired.

    You can take 3 ults max (if needed), but usually 1 to 2 are fine for easy carry potential/dungeon efficiency.

    Lancer - (second best):

    Gap closing skill

    High burst (It's Dark element so it synergizes with your main class resulting in more burst than shuriken)

    Pvp lance gives movespeed

    Con: It's a lot of micromanaging, i wouldn't recommend this sub unless you know what you're doing and if you can burst a boss within 4 seconds otherwise you lose carry potential and end up dead at bosses like Fatima, Zahr-Kazaal because you don't have a ult/stun to bypass the fatima choke and/or ult for Zahr-Kazaal debuff stacks.

    Holy Sword:

    Strongest defense shred skill

    Detailed damage buff

    Gap closer

    Crit + Crit DMG buff

    Con: It's a melee class. It makes you play at close range to actually use it.


    There are 3 eidos that you want to roll for Warbow

    1. 45% Dark Skill DMG/ 45% Dmg to x Element (Expensive, but the dmg you get from this is FAR better than a 45% dmg of dark skills + other 2 stats) for ele bosses

    Ideal Casher Options: Nidhogg/Summer Nidhogg/Festival Muramasa>Hades>Muramasa
    Free Options: Eligos/Yarnaros

    2. 20% Crit DMG or 8% DMG/40% Crit DMG or 16% DMG/45% Dark Skill DMG for violent bosses

    If you're taking bard sub on Warbow then it's okay to not take an eido that doesn't have a stun since you have Ambient Drone(bard 3sec stun). If you're lance sub with or without full +30, i advise you take a stun eido for highest carry potential.

    3. 15% Movespeed

    Best options: Tiger/Cleo/Ayako

    Free Options:

    Aelius, Quelkulan, and Kotonoha all naturally have 15% movespeed from 4-Starring. If you can't afford to reroll one of the three mentioned above, these 3 are amazing alternatives.


    B2B 85 Bow:-QMOLWHSmCD7qY8yUsE_6vpEFsJWoT6gEaqIovzmLrzvZAGcnbS28FSzR96BvLlzE7_3_7U-eaLLF9shMKkr_fPDc9XEKfqw8X31z9E5yWQWE7Cs-zNXGXc-XK0K_4bVqfN39LiI

    Use this for B2B'ing, it gives movespd at higher fort levels and a longer duration on BotW(does not increase duration of Cool Breeze). In addition, you can also slap on a level 80 gold 9% movespd enchant for extra zumzum.

    90 Bow: Destroyer/Nocturnal core for Warbow (Dark Element is an ABSOLUTE MUST)

    95 Bow: the pure amount of primary weapon damage these give is really really good. I'd highly recommend you to use these instead for more damage as long as you still hit 90% boss damage minimum with ballad on. The warbow give about a 15% damage increase comparing 95 to 90. Applying actual dungeon reductions, it's about a 10% damage increase.

    Slv Weaps: I would recommend upgrading your sub weapon to the slv1 weap, however if you clear content just fine (slv content is easy, believe me) then i recommend you to not craft an slv1 Bow weapon. Reason being is because slv5 gold warbow weap is far better than the slv1 weap, waiting for the release of this weap would be ideal since it would save you gold. But if you're new and need more dps, just make a destroyer slv1 bow.


    90+ - Holy Spirit top set/Holy Spirit or Magic Sundering bottom set

    (If you are either lacking crit damage vs bosses or damage vs bosses, full Holy Spirit is an option.)

    Looking towards future content, Magic Sundering is better than Holy Spirit bottom because of how much crit it gives for most classes. However for bow I think the best option would be to go full Holy Spirit set especially if you can overcap crit in high debuff dgns without a problem, and have magic sundering on bot mvspd set for the proc. Trying to get overcap crit really isn't that easy for a lot of players, moreover, the amount of dmg u get from it isn't as drastic as u may believe bc we already have a lot of cdmg increases already. At this point, only getting crit to counter the massive dgn -crit debuffs would be key.

    Accessories: 95 "Wild Howl" set

    Trophies: 95 Cultural Relic - Twisted Bone Rose (Bottom slot) + respective lvl 95 elemental trophy on top slot/or a def shred trophy such as Divine Wind Spirit Feathers or Dabaka's Makeshift Contraption (top slot) (other option is to go double def shred trophies)

    Trophy Note: Imperial Noripan Leaf is probably one of the most important trophies to have in the game. Even if yours is +0 the 8% movespeed is amazing. Use it on mvspd set if you have one.

    Envoy/Weapon Spec/Masteries:

    Things highlighted in Red should be taken.

    Weapon mastery stat allocation for almost all classes in PvE: (General priorities in order)

    - Movespeed

    - CRIT / SPD (depending on your stats; if you have enough, skip this)

    - DMG (Altho you can prioritize DMG against element first; depends on you)

    - DMG against Dark

    - DMG against Ice

    - DMG against Lightning

    - DMG against Flame

    - CDMG


    Mastery Spec Note:

    • Sad Love Song can be replaced with Brilliant Phoenix for ZumZum parties where bosses die quickly.
    • Triple Trouble can be replaced with Refrain of Paradise for ZumZum parties where bosses die quickly.
    • Deep Blue can be replaced with Best Defense if you are lacking in that department.


    DS Info~

    cDS + uDS + cDS (the second DS that is uncharged deals as much as charged DS. Why so? As long as you have cDS tick on the ground, your 2nd DS would count as charged. Take note, it only works for the 2nd one, the 3rd uncharged Dim counts as Uncharged. Thus, the 3rd DS should be cDS; it is to replenish both your 2nd and 1st DS’s dmg.) Ty Arisa for finding this out long ago

    Still, this is just the DS rotation only, no other warbow’s skill included YET.

    cDS + cDS + uDS (this is the most efficient one since it means bursting the stagnant bosses as fast as you can, and still hitting backstrike trice)

    Presetting Mechanic~

    At some bosses, bow's are able to preset bosses with cDS before they spawn. It's the main reason why you would take the Longbow envoy, it makes this a lot easier and reduces the chance of you canceling your charge.

    Why should you do this?

    Presetting bosses allows you to spawn them with lower hp than what they initially had. It makes fights shorter, and overall results in a faster clear time.

    How do I do it?

    Select any mob in range, charge your skill + hold the charge, go back to the boss spawn location and Release.

    ↓Visual demonstration ↓



    It is IMPERATIVE that you charge skills as you are going to the next boss. You need to charge your skills so you can get not only the Overdraw procs, but the Deadly Hunt procs as well, which will greatly increase your DPS.


    In addition, you shouldn't be randomly casting your BotW at just any point in the dungeon. BotW should be activated at a location where when you reach boss, you will still have the buff activated with about 10secs left on the duration. (only saying 10secs because that's the longest duration of a boss fight that i can think of)


    Since Warbow is such a non-linear class (makes use of practically all the skills in it's kit instead of just using 1 or 2) there are multiple rotations you can use. But i'll start with 2 General rotations that can be used once boss has spawned and you are already done presetting(if mobs in that specific dgn allow's you to), one for def shreddable bosses and one for bosses who def can't be shredded (like in TOA SFL).

    Note: Try to get AoL buff up before boss fight, if you cant then just replace any filler skill with a uAoL. Same goes for ballad.

    Def shreddable bosses~

    cDS + uCS + cDS + uCS + uDS + Prismatic Punishment (or uTS)

    non Def shreddable bosses~

    cDS + uAoL + cDS + Prismatic Punishment + uDS + uTS

    If boss isn't dead yet for some weird reason, just repeat rotation as needed.


    Head: 3% HP + 10% DMG vs Boss

    Face: 3% DMG + AoL Skill Level +5

    Body: 3% DMG + 25% Crit DMG vs Boss (Gets you ready for awakening + helps you reach that 450% crt dmg cap on bow)

    Wings: 3% DMG + 5% Move Speed

    Weapon: 3% DMG + Hail of Arrows Skill Level +5

    Additional stuff:

    Pet: 3% movespeed/4% Dual Drive - either of these + dmg to ele/random stat

    Secret Stones: 2-4% DMG/ 4-6%CRIT DMG/ 6-8% DMG to Dark Element (or whichever ele u need). The class stones really aren't all that great for bow so just get whichever class ss you want or already have. Since Shadow Symphony envoy gives 20% CRIT DMG for Dark skills, feel free to soft cap your CRIT DMG at 430%

    Foods: Golden Latte(If you have enough boss damage use Jelly Tea)/Creamy Chicken Pie.

    Mount: 30% DMG of Dark skills mount + DMG to x Element mounts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Holy Chest: Nazrudin + Zaahir are a must have - the amount of elemental damage these give can't be passed up

    Emblems: DMG of Dark Skills and a MSPD emblem for running.

    Hats: Get "dmg against x element" hat enchants, and "dmg against boss 10%" for violent bosses.

    If you're full +30, you come to the point where you're not even playing the class anymore. It just becomes "click main ability once or twice" and boss is dead, as with all other classes. This guide is mainly just for the normies. If you read all the way to the end of this guide despite being part of that full +30 group, I applaud you.

    If you have any questions/comments/concerns leave your comments below.

    Big thanks to Arisa for DS info, and Chris + Rio for my copy pasta laziness b/c i'm a couch potatorudecat17

    Note: 45% damage to elemental targets for each element on an eidolon is beyond overkill. Totally unnecessary imo

    Flame damage is expensive to roll but is totally 100% worth it if you do and sufficient.

    45% dmg to elemental targets is not unnecessary, as it is just as easy to obtain as is 45% flame skills. It's just the sheer amount of eidos you would need to get for all 7 elements in which makes doing this expensive, so if thats the case i really would only suggest rolling a dmg to dark eido since flame and ice have holy chest. Slowly working on lightning, and other elements. There are eidos that already have 45% dmg to x ele on them, so at max you would only need to roll 2 stats or even less. I wouldn't really call dmg to ele eidos "Beyond overkill" though, lol. 25% atk spd/ 45% dmg of flame skills/ 16% dmg would be fine for violent bosses (even then, the dps increase it provides is fairly little), but it just pales in comparison to a ele eido.

    They're being paid to manage a game they can't even manage, even when the tools and resources are right in front of them :thonking: CrazyBlue

    Braindead class is braindead. Don't need guidecat2

    That’s why i rarely watch peoples solo vids that contains classes such as HS, Shuri, Lancer, and sometimes GS because it’s really just boring due to how easy it is and less mechanic intensive the classes are but yet they still deal a lot of damage regardless of the effort you put into it. Lol anyways, class balence would be nice but you know xl doesn’t care for it’s players sooo...

    When I forted my gears from +20 to 30, I can only tell my friends who play other game that my dps is increased 100%.

    I really feel shame to say I can spend 2 SECONDS less on boss.

    Lol sir that's your fault, no one told you that you had to +30 your gear. Especially on a class like hs where effort needed is at the bare minimum to practically non-existent.

    I'm unsure of how this relates to showing power creep isn't there? Imbalance always existed. The ability to solo almost always existed. True, and true. It doesn't mean power creep (which includes move speed creep) hasn't happened continuously through the game's life to crazy extents, because it has, and it has had more negative effects on the game than positive if I say so myself. I even say this as someone who loves dashing around at ridiculous movement speed and is all for the game being casual and everything. To deny it's not bad or hasn't had some serious adverse effects though, I can not do.

    Point blank periodkannatired

    Consider this: You have to cast 5 skills to create the shield and the mobs only have 8s to break it. Now not only that but people mostly run at 250% mspd thus making it hard for them to touch you and these days you can reach 50%+ evasion without spending any points on it. It'll be so little chance for it to proc it (atleast for me running with 300%+ mspd constantly), even less chance if you arent the front runner.

    The only dungeon that makes it worth to take this tile is SFL cuz sarpa's blue fireballs thingy range can hit you at long distance rapidly once you get past them.

    But then again it's up to your preference, it's what I think is ideal and doesn't mean you have to copy it exactly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The only guide you should follow is the How to DPS in PvE guide by sedation, that guide is timeless and everyone should read it.

    Even feel like the old players that have been playing this game should read this guide as well because I've seen too many un-optimized people wondering why they don't deal enough dmg to solo or even wonder why they lack dmg in comparison to someone with the same gears & class as them. Not only that, but for some reason some of the older players feel like since they've been playing longer they should share their build, and in turn of sharing their build, they pass down misleading and false information. So reading this guide would be beneficial to not only those who are new to this game, but as well to those who wish to lead others in a right direction. Just a thought.karu