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    Good morning/afternoon/evening AKUS kirbyheart

    A quick introduction of who I am, and why I wanted to join the GS team.

    My name is Dabi, originated from Chimera, but got kidnapped to Phoenix (nosebleed). I live in the Netherlands (CEST), and I’m currently 18 years old.

    My hobby’s are reading manga, watchning anime, listen to music (kpop, hip-hop) and play games of course, and hangout with friends.

    I started playing Aura Kingdom In December 2016, my first class I’ve ever made was Tachi/shuriken.

    My active characters are

    <gs>Dabi Lv. 91 Tachi/Shuriken

    Heito Lv. 83 Shuriken/Holy Sword

    Desires Lv. 80 Gunslinger/shuriken

    BreathIess Lv. 61 Brawler/shuriken

    Why I wanted to join the GS team?

    Helping people is something I enjoy, and I wanted to be there for the community and help there where it’s needed. I also got inspired by some ex-SGS’s, who helped me a lot whenever I had questions or what so ever. But also because I like to host events, I thought it would be lots of fun if I ever got the chance to host events in the future. Aside of these reasons, I would also love to help and improve the experience of everyone. So I’m looking forward to help those who need help, or those who have questions. So I’ll be doing my best to support the GS’s in Phoenix, and I can’t wait for them to teach me what is needed.

    So that includes my intro as trainee game sage, if you ever have questions feel free to message me on discord, I’ll try to answer questions asap. My Discord ID: Dabi#3366.

    PS: I like hamsters and cats caaat

    For Tachi, I would more or less agree with the above. Black Swallow is your main spam skill, and you fit filler between it. Usually the filler is alternated between Soaring Flash (for defense shred) and Iiado (for the detail damage plus damage itself). I want to say I thiiiiink some Tachis (Jae, etc.) way back when used to say the weapon specialization skill (of which I forget it's name) was potentially better to use in place of Soaring Flash when the defense debuff doesn't need applied, but I can't speak personally of that.

    Soaring Flash: Rond is important for your rotation, since it decreases defense by 14% if you have the gold version of rond

    It also kinda depends on which dungeon, but my usual rotation is as followed:
    Soul Blade before getting to the boss->Shocking Dragon Flash-->Crippling wind--->Soaring Flash: Rond--->spam Black Swallow

    Why i use this rotation:
    1: With the Selfless Soul tachi dmg increases by 30%
    2:Shocking dragon Flash: Tachi skills dmg +15% for 6 seconds.
    3: Crippling wind: Target's dmg taken 2% stacks 6 times.
    4:Soaring flash: Rond: Decrease the defense from the target by 8/10/12/14% depending on whether your Soaring Flash: Rond is blue/green/orange/gold.
    5: Black Swallow: Is basically where your dmg comes from.
    Of course i do know that Crippling wind also is an important factor for it, but after you've casted Crippling Wind, you will be highly reliable on Black Swallow.
    Try to time your rotation when coming near the boss since, Shocking Dragon flash only lasts for 6 seconds, and thus you will have to be quick with the rotation.
    And just something from what i've read, Dark spear Raid isn't bad either, especially in Shattered Netherworld, since the debuff that slows you can be a pain if you don't use the Shadow Assault as gap closer. I prefer DSR, over Dragon's Fury in SN for example. both skills have the same range, but the thing about Dragon's fury, is as followed, you can't cast it multiple times, like DSR.

    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 40289 Emerald Shard 3 No
    1 40492 Mastery Pass 1 No
    1 50729 Custom Drifter Hairstyle (M) 1 No
    1 51059 Custom Huntress Braids (F) 1 No
    1 40021 Advanced Treasure Charm 3 No
    1 40341 Bealdor's Key Fragments 1 No
    2 40009 Megaphone 10 No
    2 40073

    15th-Order Armor Fortification
    1 No
    2 40289 Emerald Shard 6 Yes
    2 40501 Super Treasure Charm 1 No
    2 51428 Hand-dyed Clothing. Tyr (M) 1 No
    2 45028 15th-Order Weapon Fortification
    1 No
    3 51333
    Loudspeaker "Yates" 1 No
    3 40289 Emerald Shard 9 Yes
    3 51314 Angelic Kitty Backpack 1 No
    3 40457 1-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 2 No
    3 40365 3-Star Equipment Fusion Stone
    1 No
    3 45751
    Innocent Tanuki 1 No
    4 40545 Premium Headgear Enchantment - HP 1 No
    4 40289 Emerald Shard 12 Yes
    4 40679 Harmonia's Key Fragment 2 No
    4 51431 Hand-dyed Clothing: Eternia (F) 1 No
    4 50184 Fashion Glasses 1 No
    4 40194 Fluorescent Bead 10 No
    5 40574 20th-Order Accessory Fortification
    1 No
    5 40043
    Grocery Store Card 10 Yes
    5 40494 Superior Mastery Pass 1 No
    5 51332 Muse's Fan Club Hand Fans 1 No
    5 40687 Zashi's Key Fragment 1 No
    5 50985 Purple Cyberkitty Headphones 1 No
    6 40366 4-Star Equipment Fusion Stone 1 No
    6 40035 Feather of Revival 5 Yes
    6 40029 Advanced XP Card 15 No
    6 40047 Portal Card
    10 No
    6 45821 Lv.90 Equipment Restructuring Solution (Orange) (Non-Tradable) 1 No
    6 54564 Sunfire Kitsune 1 No
    7 40461 3-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 2 Yes
    7 40253 General Ability Transfer Scroll 1-20 1 Yes
    7 40636 Superior Armor Fortification Scroll (Non-Tradable) 3 Yes
    7 40210 20-Slot Backpack 1 Yes
    7 40622 Eternia's Key Fragments 3 Yes
    7 40637 Superior Accessory Fortification Scroll 3 Yes

    A bit of this, A bit of that.
    i tried to balance it out, by also putting some furniture on it, and some grocer/portal cards and even Feathers, And the amounts of Emerald shards aren't too bad either when you land on them, in my honest opinion. The pricing would go for 400 ruby coins, per roll, but keeping the option to use X Amount of Shards should still be availble. I chose for 400 since the items aren't too luxe for a real deluxe paragon, but 200 RC would be too low aswell, so putting this as a paragon for 400 RC per roll wouldn't be too low/high.