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    Easiest method in my opinion

    Step 1: Open Discord

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    October 30, 2017 Paragon of Choice (March Edition)

    Note: Remember that Paragon of Choice we had from October? It was one of the best paragons right? Written Below is the same Paragon/ Arrangements/ Quantities but with Different Newer and Old Items.

    PMs you have my Respect!
    Making Paragons ain't easy!


    New challenge mode: give yourself 1 gold cap to build an entire character and try to solo everything in the game with it. Nothing can be sent over or leftover from other characters. No dragon points either, except masteries.

    WTS> HS Lv.90 Recipes 1k gold ea, Imp/ Noc Temporal Cores 500g ea 20th-Order Forts 100g ea regardless of type.