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    Since the cent rework, it does seem to start a lot more often and more people seem to be joining (in part because +30 doesn't matter as much) but the one thing that I'm noticing over and over is the need to rejoin because time wears out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but for the rest of pvp instances/arenas, there isn't a timer that quits after a few minutes, it just keeps track of how many people have joined until the required number are ready and then pvp starts. Why then, does cent quit after 4 minutes? Getting a group of 15 (let alone 50) ready in 4 minutes can be incredibly difficult and it might encourage people to stay in the queue if they didn't have to rejoin, rejoin, rejoin.

    Could it work? Is that something Aeria has control over? Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't like the rejoin bit?

    It would be great to see 90+ info for the newer trophies/accessories/gear available but I still think this guide still stands well for a starter wiz. Glad to see it got ported over in the forum move!