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    There's enough players "existing" within it to where it's not totally dead on the whole, but the game is in a really sad shape. Its had a lot of issues throughout it's years that just took a toll on it, and right now, it's effectively dead if you measure it where it counts, because there is so much botting (I am referring to players using third party programs). Botting means the mass that used to work tirelessly has been replaced, especially since reward for time investment has also dropped (and was rather awful to begin with, but that's sort of all MMOs), as well as pay walls going up. End-game is nearly non-existent too because decreasing difficulty (relative to full gear fortification) means geared people just solo everything, and those who aren't geared are left behind, and as for leveling, people just bot for that too.

    This would have been a great game to play when it was newer, even if it had it's issues throughout it's whole life and not just today, but well, it's my opinion that jumping in when the game is newer is the best time anyway for any game and not just this one. If it's striking a particular interest in you, then you'll have to try and decide for yourself, as the game DOES have a lot of content to explore and it has it's own charm that most others don't, and if you don't mind casual stuff ( I personally don't and actually prefer it with MMOs since they are already too demanding normally), and if you don't care for playing end-game (though this limits you, unfortunately), then yes the game itself is still at least okay and at least worth the time to install and try and decide for yourself. It's just heart-breaking to see the current state of things when you consider the potential the game once had.

    I'm currently using +20 ghodroons lance/+20 bard sub/+20 all imperial LW armor.

    It almost sounds like you're looking at your main stats window crit damage. Don't forget to add your primary weapon crit damage (up to 30% if you're taking all three tiles), as well as your crit damage to bosses to this. Lordswrath set will give 65% from the set bonuses alone (30% for the top set and 35% for the bottom set), and if your costume is enchanted this way, that's another 25%. I'm pretty sure the class also gets something stupid like up to 60% crit damage or more for it's envoy proc because it's beyond an overloaded class, so you're most likely fine.

    Oh, I already took steps to retain enjoyment, and it was in the form of quitting. I linger around for chance at chat and keeping in touch with friends, but I quit actively playing here long ago because of it.

    I stayed away from MMOs beforehand because of the insane time and financial commitments they most often seem to require (either it's subscription based and you have a literal monthly MMO bill [this is a ludicrous idea to me as a player, even though I understand servers have costs], and that is often atop buying the game and regular expansion packs, as well as a cash shop that is also present anyway, or it's free but often limits things too much unless you pay high amounts). Aura Kingdom came along and had an appealing art style, and was the right mix of casual but not too casual for me (if later discovered to be brokenly imbalanced, and has only gotten worse), and allowed most players access to most prime features (+20 was the same way at first though to be honest but it got better relatively timely).

    The sad thing is, and this is down to both how X-Legends developed the game and how Aeria monetized it further, I believe the game COULD have been hugely massive even to today, and the high turnover rate of players is proof that the one thing they do well is keep new players coming in. Most people who i know quit did so because of Aeria's management or with how X-Legends was furthering the game in a way they felt was worse, not because they necessarily wanted to stop playing a game they used to love. The genre as a whole, while neat in concept, really has a lot to work out, but well, as you said at the end of the day, it's a business, and people fork them money over with the existing model so they've no incentive to currently do so, and I've all but given up on the genre as a whole of ever changing or improving compared to the amount I get out of every other genre/game I play (too little progress is all you get with MMOs to keep you around to make you more likely to find that subscription worth it or to buy that cash shop item). I don't regret my time with Aura Kingdom at all; more the opposite, as I met some incredible people who I do my best to stay in touch with, and had some wonderful (including some tear-eyed, haha) times, but this will likely be my first and last MMO unless another once in a Blue moon like it one comes along, but I doubt it. The genre's better days seem to have been over a decade ago (2000s basically) and maybe I should have instead given it a go back then (though it was more subscription based back then which is why I didn't).

    Anyway, not meaning to get too far off the main post. Good information again (and with the update, too) Daybreak.

    I am quite certain that fortification insanity is probably the best way for Aeria to make money...

    highly doubt Aeria will make +30 available to the masses unless u spend real money

    CAPITALISM - profit is everything, can't blame it

    Unfortunately, the continued happening of the game becoming inaccessible more and more and over time has really hurt the state of the game itself. It's such a sad story to see what happened and what it is today compared to what could have been, especially since it was one of the few that was good at not doing what the entire genre as a whole always did to keep my away (requiring both big spending and big time commitments for progress compared to any and every other genre).

    You can not have the same buff, correct. The one and two star buffs are "shared" and can not be identical, and the three and four star buffs work the same way. Now that four stars exist, if an eidolon has a given four star buff, you will not be able to get it as a three star buff (even if you don't have the four star buff active yet).

    However, it was possible to have a given buff for a three star buff before the four star buffs came, that ended up being that same as that eidolon's four star buff as well. In THAT case, I can't remember what happens (whether they stack, only one works, or neither works), but I believe X-Legends gave players with those circumstances a single free non-tradeable four star restructuring scroll so they weren't with identical buffs (something tells me they didn't stack or players with prefered double buffs would simply turn this down), but Aeria elected not to do this, as far as I know.

    Probably specifically what you're looking not to hear, but... why does it matter? It is their friend list and not yours, so you shouldn't be concerned about it?

    If someone is bothering you, block them or ignore them (I've blocked a whole two people besides bots in my game history and they are usually temporary to some point only, I am good at avoiding/not caring about what I don't care for). If they are not bothering you, then... why does their friend list matter to you?

    My stats are so bad and make me want to cry when I look at them.

    Started playing again today (stopped playing for a while).


    Without seeing much else, your stats look "fine", just low from apparent low fortifications. So, just fortify and star fusion to keep improving.

    As for my allocate mastery points, I have 30/30 in damage, 30/30 in hp, 15/15 in ms, 22/30 in critical and 5/30 in speed (just enough to cap)

    I don't have points on element damage, but I do use element mounts + trophie sets, so it's already something.

    Don't worry about missing damage to elemental targets points in weapon specialization as that's an end-game luxury. If you're swapping mounts and trophies (consider elixirs, too, if you can spare the cost), that is fine for now. I was going to recommend Time Theory but if you're swapping trophies, that is better and that would serve as a cost only for an upgrade to violent bosses which isn't all too important, so you can put that off until you're able to afford to +20 the trophy.

    I would consider shifting those 30 points in HP in weapon specialization to defense instead, as if I remember correctly this is slightly more effiecient. After that, you can move stat points over to HP (make sure your defense stays at ~75%, don't go for more as that is inefficient). I'd also move the 11 points in crit over to speed, and then in weapon specialization, put 30 points in speed, and the rest in crit. Going 99 stat points in damage and 30 weapon specialization points in damage is risky because as soon as you enter any dungeon with a debuff with those stats, your speed (your most important offensive stat) won't be capped. If your speed remains capped and your crit remains fine (75% minimum, but 85%+ is nicer) in dungeons with debuffs, then you're good, and at that point the rest can go to damage. If you're not yet doing dungeons with debuffs then I guess you can leave it as is for now, but keep it in mind for when you reach that point, your important offensive stats will suffer with the 99 damage approach.

    I'm sad I don't have anything at all from 2014, despite having played since the middle of that year, but I guess I didn't take many screenshots early on. The first I have is this, which was from April 1st according to the name on it, which would have been the April Fool day event from 2015.


    I miss when the game was still so active in the time zones it was actually intended for.

    I still hadn't even joined a guild by that point (would later join Peace, which died and moved to Hysteria, which then did the same and moved to Sinister, before I went where I am now to Catalyst after a very short re-visit to the somewhat revived Peace under Halcyon; the memories!).

    This might surprise some people but this wasn't even my original character although it became my main and perhaps most known. My originals were pretty much a few random unknown names (a Bard and then Tachi were my classes before the Wizard) of me fumbling about as I learned the game and still decided on trying to find a class to stay with long-term. Neither of my original characters remain as I had a habit of deleting a character I decided I didn't like when I went to start a new class, for whatever reason, but I later made another Bard and Tachi anyway, as well as additional Wizards even, haha (today only my Wizard and Tachi remain).

    LEVEL 71


    Oh! One of my old guilds! Sinister wasn't until 2016. Teeeechnically it was 2015 but it was literally the last days of 2015 that Hysteria moved there, and I was in both guilds before moving on from Sinister after being there for some weeks and I don't remember anyone named "She", so I'm presuming this was early to mid 2016 or later if it gives you a better range of time. I miss the old times! I wish I took more screenshots of those times, or even any at all from 2014. I have many hundreds upon hundreds of screenshots but they didn't start until 2015, and really the majority of them is from "just" 2016 and later. Since I felt I quit between late 2016/early 2017, I feel like I didn't capture nearly half of my Aura Kingdom experiences. D:

    Per your last tests, I don't have many thoughts, but there may indeed be some RNG involved, as sometimes I'll do something minor and notice a few points lost, and other times, none. Once you involve RNG, it can become very hard to test for other differences. There may also be behavior that auto attacks and/or certain things have different behaviors. I don't think durability behavior has ever been 100% explored, as it's a rather minor thing, but the one understood trend is that classes that require more for the same result, tend to lose more durability and need to repair often.

    As for your Ravager not losing much durability compared to other classes, I know people exaggerate how far the Ravager has fallen, and I don't know why, probably because you have even more ridiculous classes that exist now and because the game "isn't melee friendly" supposedly anymore, but the Ravager is quite a powerful class still (I'd put it behind Lancer and Shuriken) and even if it has AOE capability (what class doesn't now?), it gets a lot done in those hits.

    Well, Shuriken-subclass users are more likely to be able to get the 5% crit damage tile in envoy, so if you're getting 30% from your envoy, that means your character's base crit damage is 162%, whereas base for a Wizard is 145% (base 130% plus 15% the class gets), so that's just 17% more (and I am presuming eidolon stories and profession bonuses are giving most if not all of this).

    I guess it just adds up fast. I knew without armors fortified to +30, most players would be struggling, so I knew that with it, it would help a lot, but to see someone without things like crafted weapons, crafted top set, no costume enchant, AND no points in weapon specialization all at the same time, it surprised me even with those things. So... I guess it adds up even faster than I thought if you have access to all of these extra things. Then again, an extra 40% is possible on eidolon now, which is obviously a lot. However, that's not practical for your average user to attain either.

    I'm confused (impressed?) as to how you're over-capping crit damage to bosses with no crafted staff, no crafted top, no crit damage secret stones, and then dropped the information that you're not even using crit damage in weapon specialization and no crit damage to bosses costume!? I did all of that and more and still barely capped (and then I wasn't after changing to the Gold staff), but I guess the 30% from +30 armor fortification bonus and 40% from eidolon buff goes a long way (I knew this, but not enough to allow for everything you're doing), and I didn't have much of that stuffs because this class is too expensive for me to play to it's potential because of the crit damage cap (this feature doesn't make the class stronger than others, it just makes it more expensive, that is all), so I got tired and quit because the excuse was always "well you don't need all of that to complete".

    Unless you realllllly have that much excess funds to waste (which I'm guessing you do from that move speed set gear score), I wouldn't recommend doing either.

    You'll need the crit damage later on. If you lose 40% now, it appears like you wouldn't even be capping now, and level 95 accessories are possibly just a few months away (not the immediate next content update, but the one after, and who am I kidding this is Aeria's slow content updating so you got another half a year I guess), in which you'll need another 20% on top of that. I was about to say it forces you to use Wizard party buff too, but you're Shuriken subclass so you have nothing better to want to use anyway.

    A better pair of eidolons (Eirene and New Year Ayako) comes later, so I'd say there's little point doing an eidolon change just to have to change again. If you really just want to get away from that starter eidolon, I'd use one which gives a 20% crit damage proc from it's skill (Bel-Chandra and Shirayuki are two examples) because otherwise you're no longer capping to bosses, and even then you'd be relying on a proc from something that you can't always rely on (Sky Tower, eidolons die fast, etc.) to do so.

    What emblem and mount stats are those? You appear to have damage to dark targets secret stones (?), and if so, you still have insanely high crit damage without 6/2 stones and you're even (over) capping with Gold staff and Gold top set.

    Also, move those 17 points to speed, please. Excess crit doesn't do anything right now.

    Nice to see a near max Wizard though and optimized mostly well. I wasn't sure about the level 95 top set but I glanced at the effect and I guess it works if you're capping crit damage without crafted set.

    The heals most likely cost durability, potentially a lot (?). There's also a chance that Ballad can cost durability if either you're in combat and/or targeting and/or with enemies around when you use it (since it can draw their aggro)? I'm fairly sure my Bard would never lose weapon durability if I was, say, in Navea and just using Ballad a lot, although I could be wrong on that. It's been a while since I played or even had my Bard.

    I can't test it at the moment, but I recall having to repair my bard's weapon much more frequently than my lancer/bow/necromancer. Most likely from ballad spamming.

    I believe Ballad shouldn't cost you any durability because you're not attacking anything. At least, if you stand there and use Ballad endlessly you will notice your durability never drops. You likely had to repair more because it's not as strong a class and takes more skills (requiring more hits thus costing more uses/durability) to get the same results done that stronger classes will in fewer skills.

    I set some of my "upkeep, buff, or debuff" type skills (like Ballad, Soul Blade, Rejuvenating Prayer, etc.) on the Q, E, R, and F keys usually. I then use 1 through 6 for my skills and have the 7 and 8 keys unassigned (so I do not accidentally use them) with party buffs in those spots.

    The other two skill bards are typically for swap stuffs.

    This works pretty well for me. Needing to use shift, ctrl, or alt combinations very regularly is a bit awkward for me (the only one I retain is ctrl+1 for combo skills).

    Weapon durability goes down per use, although I don't know if these uses are determined by how many targets get hit, or merely by skill use as a single hit regardless. I also do not know if the amount it drops is static, or if it goes down more or less depending on certain factors (such as being weaker or stronger than the target(s), as one example). I wouldn't think any class directly loses durability more or less than any other class. However, certain classes that get the same results with less skill uses or players with greater gearing and damage done (not damage stat) will lose less durability compared to others, of course, since less "uses" are required. Without gathering more information than you are, I feel like you might get incomplete and incorrect conclusions from this.

    The only input I can really give is that back in the Titan Root and Cadilla Felwood times (the original level 66 dungeons), I, as a Wizard, recall having to repair my weapon much more frequently during runs than a Ravager (by far the strongest class at the time) I was running with. The gearing between him and I wasn't too far apart, although he may have been a bit better geared than me at those times as well.

    I'd expect the easier or stronger classes that get the final results with less skill uses (Shurikens and Holy Swords, but also Lancers and some others, namely, would be my guess?) to lose less durability than the others. A very highly geared player will of course lose less regardless. Without knowing gear and damage (not damage stat, but actual damage being done), this wont be a complete comparison though; class and time taken to complete alone isn't enough

    Yes, the cap goes up to a maximum of 50% more from overcap crit after Awakening, although reaching that is likely outside the scope of most classes/players as you will need an amount of crit most players (especially on this class) won't reach, so it'd probably be more feasible to say trying to get somewhere in the upper 400% range would be fine (no point in having more crit damage than your own cap allows for, regardless of the theoretical maximum, right?). Keep in mind that with the level 95 accessory set, and the later change to the party buff, this is a theoretical 510% the class should try for. Without access to the 30% crit damage that armors fortified at +30 provide, most players will be needing to make a number of other trade-offs just to meet close to the cap and will therefore not realize the full potential of the class. It is, quite literally, the most expensive class to play to it's potential.

    Storm Skills damage is only a good option for Shuriken subclass users (I just wanted to clarify that because not everyone has gone with that subclass). If you're using anything else, 16% damage would be better, although if you have to restructure for this... goooooood luck! On that note, restructuring for crit damage will be equally as rare, so it might be most efficient and easier to plan around an eidolon that has crit damage 40% as either it's three or four star buff.

    The "high defense meta" is pretty much ending. That mostly refers to Otherworld Sarpa's Forbidden Lab and Otherworld Tomb of the Ancients.

    The likely reasoning for Tachi post-awakening could be many. The crafted weapon is one of the few that gives crit damage to bosses, which is the most likely reason. The S.Level 5 Tachi weapon has a zeal effect (identical to the level 95 Duelist weapon, although then you're likely forced into a crafted main weapon with Nocturnal unless swapping is involved, but I'm mentioning this as I've witnessed it being done at least partly because of this weapon). I'm a bit unsure of Soaring Slash for defense shred, as this forces you to be in melee range, and although you'll likely be close to it most of the time, you may not necessarily always be. I already found it a bit rotation disruptive to use Song of the Full Moon for the same purpose (and yes, both Bard and Gunslinger can and often did/do this), and it was at least ranged. Different people have different preferences though. I've also heard of using Iiado for the damage buff, although this would not be able to be kept up due to the cooldown of the skill as a subclass, so I'm also a bit unsure of that.

    I made some updates. Now that four star eidolons have arrived, I've changed that section a bit, and made a few other changes regarding the upcoming Awakening (mainly some small tidying up, but added a third recommendation to subclass since the bonuses of weapons after Awakening get changed, and the high defense meta we are currently in at least in regards to a few dungeons drops back down to more normal levels for all dungeons). The rest was more typo/grammatical corrections, but I also vastly simplified and clarified the enchantment card section (penetration is the new detail damage). I still can't change the gearing section much because it's over the post count limit, but it's still fine until I need to update it more when Awakening comes.

    If anyone has any input of their own, corrections, feedback, etc., I'd love to hear it still!

    Eidolons like Bluebird, Aoandon, and Sif are some of the nicest eidolons they've released in some time in my opinion, but I look at it from the standpoint mostly that the costumes will hopefully eventually be transferred over. Unfortunately, many eidolon costumes end up looking somewhat awkward (Ayako, Zashi, etc.), but some look nice regardless, so it's a wait and see thing.

    But hopefully it will continue the recent trend over there now of good costumes. All my opinion only to follow, and costumes are subjective, but the Aeria version has been going through a sort of down lull time costume-wise for some time now (the last time many really nice costumes were coming ended after the Elvish Garb in my opinion, and doesn't return until around the time Hebe's costume comes, which is... likely a few months away?), and it's nice to look forward and see it gets consistently better. Again, all my opinion, and there have been good ones between, but as a whole I haven't been as excited for costumes throughout this period.

    Mounts have been pretty good too, but ornaments? Get off the wings fetish X-Legends! At the least, stop making them so "give me attention" oversized. I'd probably make them visible sometimes if they weren't so large. D:

    If you press right-click on any place other than your target, you will select whatever you clicked on

    If you clicked on lets say the ground, it will deselect whatever you had before

    It's interesting how you can learn small (?) things still after playing for years.

    I always tried to make a habit of either trying not to cycle off of a priority target, or just get good (is this a thing?) at clicking on the right target, but I never knew this. I suppose these days it's less of an issue because "zoom zoom past everything else to boss, it's gone in seconds, Aura Kingdom 2018" basically (I may, mayyy... have gotten better compared to 2014 just a liiiitle bit, as well), but many a times in the past have I went into panic mode when trying to click something in a large pack of targets, haha.

    Aura Kingdom is something that is in game terms a bit old now (releasing in very early 2014, discounting the closed beta), but it is also something special; special enough to be my first and perhaps last MMO, because nothing else I've looked at meets my personal criteria as well as being free of this genre's plaguing issues (to be fair, Aura Kingdom itself also suffers from some of these basic flaws, but perhaps that only speaks more as to how much of a once in a Blue moon gem this game is). Barring some drastic, sudden downturn with this one, I'd expect it to remain alive for a number of years more, at least.

    To "evolve" an eidolon, the items you need depend on the eidolon and the stage.

    Typically, for the second stage, you'll need another of the eidolon's key, 4 eidolon emblems (the type depends on the element of the eidolon), and 30 small eidolon crystals.

    For the third stage, you'll need yet another of the eidolon's key and an eidolon evolutionary bead. Many eidolons have their second appearance available at this stage (call the "third star form").

    For the forth stage, you need yet another eidolon key as well as a Ring of Oath (which is literally new and I'm not even sure how accessible it will be going forward but I can take an easy guess).

    You should have posted pictures!

    I never found Alucard too attractive myself. Bealdor, specifically his third star form, would probably be more my thing if anything, but I was never truly attracted to any of the eidolons. My weakness was some of the costumes! You might be thrilled to find out some of the eidolon appearances are made available as costumes, though some look awkward on a character due to differences in proportions and the face being different, etc. I'm not much of a fan of most of the hair (fox ears are the best), but costumes were my calling. Zashi is adorable and eventually her costume gets released, but it looks a bit oversized and awkward to me. Harmonia already has a costume released (a bit overrated and overused in my opinion, but it's one of the nicer ones still, so you might be interested in turning that into two hours by getting the costume, haha). The newly released eidolon, Hebe, has one of the best costumes in my opinion as far as eidolons go, although it's likely still some months from being released here. I was originally saving a lot of vouchers I had for it, but gave them away when I decided holding onto things when I basically quit was "wasting" them.

    You might want to reference this. It has probably everything and more you might be interested in about the released content of the game.

    While I personally feel funding this server/company any longer because of the state the game is in as a result of the monetization/management (and other things) is a bit of a lost cause, and further influencing their ways, I absolutely support people supporting what gives them fun, and it's actually nice to see people with the excitement that I used to have, so enjoy it! Pictures next time though, haha!

    Oh, oh...
    Oh yeah, I remember it know, we'll get the lv99 cap first, my bad. So this post is really great when it helps you prepare and get the proper gears for the Awakening. Kudo to Chris.

    I think it's less about saying "get this gear" as it is warning how the meta shifts due to Awakening and the class changes, and what things you will need (the gear being just one of those). Not having things like +30, not having a good size eidolon collection with a lot of three star eidolons for the story bonuses, and not having high bonus stats from prayers (and to a lesser extent but not to be overlooked, achievements) is going to hurt more rather than be a case of "the game is too easy and they are just bonuses" once Awakening comes. But everyone will keep playing the easy classes which struggle less and clear fast regardless and go "see, the game is still easy in +20 and none of that is needed" to justify that they shouldn't be accessible, so nothing will change.

    True enough though, those people who have strong characters will be vastly disappointed with the new content two patches away. The level 90 dungeons are about as easy as the current level 85 dungeons (Shattered Netherworld/Chronowood Cavern), making this a very low point on the difficulty for a time in Aura Kingdom's life, so Daybreaks's post serves as a good warning that things will change a bit after that for many players. The game doesn't drastically get "harder" but lacking certain things will be more punishing for those who don't have them. For those who do, they won't notice anything is amiss.

    Ohhh, so it's coming. Finally!!

    I don't go discord so I may have missed out some announcements there. Looking forward to the official patch notes and exploring the new contents everyone has waited for just about a year long.

    I hate to quell excitement, but it's not necessarily anytime "too" soon if it follows a remotely similar schedule to Taiwan. As far as I know, the level cap goes up to level 99 the next time it goes up. Usually, the period of time between the level cap going higher seemed to be roughly a year, but it's only a much shorter time after it goes to level 99 that it again gets raised to S.Level 5 (105), and this when Awakening occurs. So, it's likely still at least a few months or so until it's going to arrive?

    This is a nice overview, as you basically touched upon all of the basics well, and yes, this will be another nail in the... I can't even call them the mass anymore since the server is effectively dead since quite a while ago, but it will be another huge widening of the gap between the huge spenders (I will neglect to mention the other things besides huge spending that rampantly occur to attain things in this game) and the rest of the new innocence that remains that hasn't learned how the state of the game is here, basically. The unfortunate reality is that while +30 and all of the other new stats sources added to the game in the last year or two gives too much raw damage, making the game that much easier if you have them all (especially if you elect to play certain classes), the sort of opposite also applies in that if you're lacking too many these things, then you will be that much further behind, especially after Awakening and new content comes.

    One random question, if you know? Right now, with how scaling works on defense, it requires much, much more of an investment beyond 75%, and the implication of this is that it is not worth stating for defense beyond 75% (and only getting it if your fortifications naturally provide it [or Best Defense, if you use it]), because past that point, stating for HP is more efficient even if you're not capped on defense. Does this disparity remain after Awakening too, or does it become a linear scale throughout?

    Perfect War's only meaningful benefit is elite damage. You're going to likely need speed investment at the start anyway, and it's best to get away from that as soon as possible, because then you can shift points to elemental damage (or whatever else). The speed will be more versatile with new players, is better in Time Library, and some of the upcoming dungeons (like the level 95 Lament and Otherworld versions of Shattered Netherworld and Chronowood Cavern) have rather heavy reductions too, so looking forward, Arcane Frost is likely a safer option.

    Back in their time, yes, Perfect War was great for all of us with the gold to afford their ridiculous quadruple the price premium, and with the high prayers, achievements, profession stats, geared characters, etc. (we're quick to forget how much we don't need a certain stat when we get so much of it from sources these players we recommend to will not have), but things are different now, debuffs are more common and going higher, and when regarding a new player, Arcane Frost is no longer just the "cheaper but the same thing lacking a benefit" worse alternative that it was always wrongly seen as. Again, I'm not advising against Perfect War so much as I was a bit surprised you only recommended it.

    Per the level 80 accessory recommendation, Perfect War is great, but I'd possibly recommend Arcane Frost more to an ungeared, new, and/or likely lower prayer completion player/account; if not outright then I'd at least list it as an option. I say that as someone who used and preferred Perfect War back then (and quit before I upgraded from it), by the way.

    For dances, I wonder if it might be a licensing thing, since someone told me a lot of the dances are taken from actual dances? But... I don't know. I know a similar reason is why I think it's the Japanese version has some costumes that won't be released for this version.

    We dont have the other one either:


    Oh, you're right. I was a bit confused because there is a portion of one of the dances similar to that. Given the poses are already in the game, I would think (?) it'd be as simple as making an icon for it and adding to the skills section, but I don't know how this stuffs works. If so, even though these are old, it'd be wonderful to see a simply change like this made.

    Why do we not have this pose as an ability? We have many poses, but not this one...


    It only occurs during some select quests and dialogues, but go into the costume preview and choose the third pose for females to see it (I don't know if it will be the same for males since many differ).

    I barely play, this is a super old omission unlikely to be amended this late, X-Legends likely doesn't take suggestions, and Aeria probably wouldn't pass one like this along anyway. Guess what!? I am still upset at this! Along with the hurt fox in the beginning of a certain dungeon, this needs the utmost attention! Best pose added when!?

    I didn't discuss the death of PVP (which happened many times over, depending on who you ask, before +30 even set in) so I'm not sure what you're saying. I was discussing how much of a joke the Holy Sword is/was, and that it isn't exclusive to the times now with +30. Yes, that makes things much worse, but the very things you mentioned more or less applied to the Holy Sword even at +20 too.

    Overcap speed is indeed nice, but don't sacrifice better damage sources (like elemental point investment instead) for more speed, especially since the benefits diminish once you already are overcapped by a decent amount anyway, as you found out.

    Unlike speed, it WILL be worth investing into crit once overcap crit grants benefits. That happens only after you're S.Level 1, at which point the crit needed to cap it drastically goes up. I believe you're going to need in the upper 30k or close to 40k range just to cap (I might be a bit off on this, but for reference, a currently "high" crit of like 25k will only get you like upper 60% range after Awakening), let alone get more to take advantage of the overcap benefit. You're essentially going to want high level gears (crit stats on gears might actually matter as opposed to only focusing on how high the damage stat is), high prayer completion/eidolon stories/achievements (rest in peace further, free players?), as well as investing fully in weapon specialization. It truly becomes the crit/crit damage meta, and this hits Wizard hardest (especially without access to +30 on all armors), needless to say.

    I wouldn't recommend taking HP points. If you really need more survive-ability, elemental resist will likely give you that better as it will add more "effective HP". Of course, this doesn't apply to violent attacks, but the survive-ability you gain from HP is so much lower, and it shouldn't be make or break. Being under 200k HP isn't like being in dire straights or anything.

    I will add this to the first post if I get confirmation (through a video or numerous player claims) that killing Ashe first will indeed let you skip killing Shirley, but the two are always split in raids I've done, and I've been in raids where Ashe sometimes dies first, and never saw the chest spawn until both died (although I've probably done Elite Sky Tower enough times to count on a single hand in the last year) so I'm not sure if this is a random occurrence or relies on some other criteria as well. If it was this simple I think all groups would be killing Ashe first and doing this by now, but again, maybe it does and I will add it if it does work that way.