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    The only reason they can get away with making horrible curves is because apparently ONLY AKUS complains about it, and even at that "only the people on forums complain" and by that logic, Aeria thinks it's fine to treat players like this.

    Here, here! Yeah, the Aeria apologists giving the excuses of...

    "You don't need +30, get good at the game"

    "You only need level 85 to access the maps and dungeons, stop complaining to try and get more than that for no work"

    "You don't need a lot of eidolons"

    "Costumes are entirely not a need"

    "Who cares about PVP"

    "It's only the vocal minority not pleased with the way the game is changing"

    "We have a ton of users logging in and on Discord so it's well enough to be alive and that's proof"

    ...and other such very poor excuses, completely made me realize how out of touch they were, and I gave up trying to voice concerns. As a former supporter of this game who had their back turned to, I finally walked away (I did not want to). I was far from alone in that group who tried to support this game and got turned away from, and had to walk away, as well.

    Aura Kingdom USED to be a great game for the masses, while still encouraging more financially able players to spend and support it. Then all these updates added more things which added to the cost required to stay on top, some of the features being put behind bigger walls entirely, and these costs were not brought down over time either. These two things combined (more things that needed to be done AND the cost of them going up) exponentially makes the game less rewarding, and thus drove away most of the free to play mass, which held the important part of the infrastructure of the game up. Aeria forgot, in their attempt to monetize the game to an extreme, that the free to play mass is an important part too in keeping the game healthy.

    The sad part is, even to this day, Aeria has seemingly been doing a GREAT job of bringing new players in (ones who probably haven't learned better yet), which makes it all the more saddening as that potential makes me think it COULD have been an active and popular, great thing still if things didn't go this way.

    Floor 30:

    You only have to kill the robot, the other guy can be ignored. As soon as the robot is dead the chest will appear.

    Hello, can you clarify this and give instructions to reproduce it? If so and it works, I will add it! I've been in groups that have killed either or first and it never seemed to spawn the chest until both were dead.

    If you're referring to skipping the scarecrow boss that comes after, I didn't put that in since it's more of an optional thing after the floor, although maybe good to put that too?

    It was strange to see the redone eidolon UI (which I feel is a bit worse now, especially in terms of eidolon prayers) but not four star eidolons, since that seemed to be one of the major reasons it was redone.

    Experience curves will probably be kept "harder" under the excuse that "it's too easy even with these changes let alone without them" to try and milk more money out of a player base who hasn't realized Aeria let the state of the game become horrible for the vast majority of what used to be their active and numerous player base (the majority of which have walked away or, if they are still around, don't actively "play" at all really anymore).

    It depends entirely on what you're trading away to get that extra elemental damage. In my case, even with way over 100% elemental damage (easy in the case of fire or ice especially on a Wizard), it was still worth using elemental trophies over anything else. At that point, the boss damage costume hat started showing sliiiightly extra results compared to 18% damage to those elements, even with having way over 100% of that too (potentially 120% or 130% in violent setup). Something like dark or especially holy (since you generally don't take those tiles in weapon specialization), however, still was better with elemental damage costume hats, whereas it was close to equal one way or the other in the case of storm and lightning (because Rejuvenation Prayer affecst it). Again though, these are just the results I had with my own stats. There is no magical "this stat is bad after xx%" which is why i implore people to calculate their own.

    As for weapon specialization, I guess it's up to the player to decide if they want to trade some elemental damage away for crit or speed. Of course, no landing crit hits as opposed to doing so is way more massive a difference than a few percent of elemental damage against just one select type, but when I was doing Time Library, I sort of said "oh well" about my crit dropping to around 50% on the then-later floors, but made sure my speed stayed capped, which I used a separate Gaia emblem to achieve. The reason is, it's only one dungeon that you do once a day.

    After Awakening (not just the patch that includes it, but this means also actually reaching S.Level 1), then it will become standard, and for all classes, to maximize 30 points in crit, but until then don't bother, and speed shouldn't be invested in either way outside of the very beginning when you may need it to stay capped. Wizard already needs to spend points in crit damage that other classes don't, so why waste more potential elemental damage? That's just my opinion on it though.

    This is sort of a small or mini guide, but I felt some of this stuff deserves to be mentioned. In this day and age where Sky Tower is just nuke the boss and repeat for the most part, there's still some areas where Sky Tower clear time can be (sometimes greatly) impacted that I often don't see happening, and so this guide is meant to serve as a sort of extra tips and tricks sort of thing for players who already know the basics of Sky Tower.

    Note that I will not go into covering how each floor operates! That is not this guide's intent. Although it's outdated, this guide here does that.

    With that being said, let's move on with some unique things you can do to speed up some floors, even if you're not bringing a ton of damage! Nobody is useless.

    Floors 9, 27, 29, and possibly others: Remember those eidolons with the useless star buffs of a 5% and 10% chance of zeal? On floors such as these, where the damage seems more static and unaffected by your damage, crit damage, elemental damage, etc., these eidolons can be useful (which would mean all zeal sources would be).

    Floor 9: On this floor, there's something interesting you can do. The large fire mobs around the edge of the room are not bosses, and therefore not immune to the knockback effect. Since there's such a large distance between the water pool and them, what this means is if you get a handful of people dedicated to knocking them closer to the center of the room, this can speed this floor up. To get the most out of this, it helps to have at least, say, three or four players doing this. Don't have that many Wizards and/or Grenadiers in your raid? Inefficient! Drop a few Lancers or Shurikens or something; DPS for Sky Tower is a dime a dozen. ^^;

    While anyone can technically simply do this with a weapon that has this effect, it's really only worth doing with two classes in particular, and those are the Wizard and/or Grenadier classes. The reason is, these two classes have a mastery that can supplement making one of your skills knock back the target, whereas the weapon effect is limited to a 20% chance. I do recommend getting a weapon with this effect on top of this (and in the case of the Wizard, inlaying the basic secret stone that extends the range of Fireball), but it's not worth doing really unless you are one of these two classes using the mastery. Grenadiers and Wizards aren't useless after all!


    Floor 18: Many people don't seem to know that the orbs that spawn that transform Hel always spawn in the same spot! They drift around a bit once they are there, but they always spawn where it last was.

    What is the implication of this? It means if once you get Hel to an orb and transform her, once her elemental vision has been defeated and her normal form returns, everyone should stand under her and not move as much as possible. Use combo skills through her ability that makes you dance, or simply let it hit you and heal after (or if you have Bards, have them heal). This way, as soon as the orbs return, they will return right where she is, and she will transform again. In effect, that makes clearing this floor as fast as you possibly can (DPS aside).

    Instead, players often run about randomly, and Hel is constantly jumping around the room with her random aggro, sometimes making it frustrating for that one player who is trying to lure her. This is a case where five high DPS players following this method will clear faster than those same five players and 35 others who are not. Try instructing everyone to wait the floor out and try it, and you will actually clear faster.

    Floor 19: This one is less a secret maybe, but still not commonly done (or maybe known), and it's the difference between completing this floor in two minutes, or potentially up to ten. Like floor 18, a lot of time is lost here with most raids when it doesn't need to be so, but unlike floor 18 this needs everyone's participation. As soon as the Golden orb spawns, every... single... player... (no exceptions) should grab this and rush the free glimmer you get at the start. If you have potions, set them to be used to help with your maximum HP going up and the attacks you start receiving once you pick a glimmer up. If you are fast, you can get it a second time. After that, have half or more of your players change to the Red buff to farm the field.

    If your group is doing this correctly, you will notice you may be stuck around the glimmer drop off point waiting for them to merge to drop your own off more often than not. Have Bards stationed near the Glimmer return point to keep players healed. It's fine to throw a life or a few away here if needed, if it means speeding the floor up, as risk of losing all lives through floors 1 to 20 is low.

    Floor 22: The first of the two bosses that spawns can be knocked back towards the wall (using Wizards and/or Grenadiers) or simply have everyone stand on the boss. Minor mention but a small speed up.

    Floor 27: Like with floor 9, after you have cleared the mobs and the flying demons show up with the shields, you can attempt to displace (using knockback) all of these towards where the first one is that Ashe runs towards. Just be careful, as when you are not transformed into a robot, you take damage every so often, so make sure you can keep sustained somehow.

    Floor 30: Killing Asche before Shirley can (sometimes?) end the floor and spawn the chest, regardless of if Shirley was defeated.

    Additionally, a scarecrow boss spawns when this chest does, and this is an optional boss. You may ignore it, defeat the chest, and proceed to the next floor without defeating it. It does have drops but does not spawn another chest.

    Floor 31: Not so much a tip or trick to speed it up, but it helps to be organized here. Have enough people killing and luring the mobs together, ideally away from the center. Also, those devoted to gathering and not attacking, please do remove your mainhand weapon, so that when you get the debuff from a soul that makes you jump and do AOE damage, it doesn't do much damage to yourself and surrounding raid members.

    Floor 32: Make sure you let the mobs get close enough to her shield before killing them. This is another floor that can last less than a minute or nearly five, the latter when there's too much DPS nuking everything blindly. Guardians with their pull ability are nice here!

    Floor 36: By using a transform item...

    AC2AokN.png can get out of the forced mob transforms you are put into. This is useful during the second part of the floor, where you fight the boss.

    There is also some trick with the Shuriken (perhaps also Duelist with the roll?) to get over the wall during the first part to finish that part faster, but I am not very familiar with the actual details of doing so, so if anyone knows, please advise!

    Floor 38: This is another floor like 18, in that it can often be faster by excluding those who are unsure what to do. It might help to set up a party or two, each one having a Sorcerer (main or sub), and four others devoted to running, ideally with high move speed. Have all four stand on the one side of the room, get hit (ideally by the outer circle AOE skill), have the Sorcerer immediately cleanse them of the slow, and run to the other side and give her the skill before it is lost and summons mobs. It's not a super fast floor regardless, but this can prevent it from being a fifteen or twenty minute floor as well.

    I believe that's about it! I am sure there's other things, and I'm not super familiar with floors 36 and above in particular, so if anyone has their own to add, feel free to comment.

    Signed, the rest of sane player base for the last number of years, but it's likely too late now, and anything done (nothing will be) would be likely too little IF done. Poor rewards have been a complaint forever, and returns for time investment is a problem in general with this game, in the recent years especially, and not just for PVP.

    in my opinion +20 Holy Sword was not THAT broken and bad gameplay was punished^^Nowdays you can do misplay over misplay and you still wont die at +30 and still able to nuke people^^lol

    It was that bad at +20 as well.

    Having played against many, the class is boring and non-interactive to play against. They just alternate healing and throwing Thunderstrike repeatedly until the game's RNG says "here's the entire result in one second regardless of play on the grounds of luck", which happens quite a lot by the way.

    One shot binary classes don't often work well, because they tend to be either too underwhelming or too overhwelming. They are difficult to get right. You never suddenly go from 100 to 0 against this class in PVP and feel "I was outplayed". If I died to other classes, I often felt the player(s) involved in killing me usually got me into a situation I was outplayed in (which was not hard as I was not that great at PVP). I never felt this way against this class though.

    How 2 do quest faster w/ zero gear? birb2

    After the quest starts, go into the Northwest corner of the room near the chain and just wait until the first half of the quest is done. You don't need to attack or defend anything.

    Once the second half starts (they will attack from all four directions and attack the center pillar now instead of the four cubes), get the buff that grants a meteor-like attack, I think it is the South buff, and just keep attacking centered on the pillar to knock away and defeat the mobs. If the boss comes after you, quickly run back into the Northwest corner and then back to the center and it should reset, leaving the room and then re-entering. Repeat doing this and it's simple and easy to prevent the center pillar's destruction, and after the time has elapsed, only the boss remains and you can defeat it easy with the same buff (or even if you have a decent weapon but zero gearing otherwise just drop the buff and attack the boss).

    This will (besides perhaps a slightly slower boss clear time) be about as fast as you can possibly clear this, as it's time limited.

    Centurion as a game mode used to be my favorite PVP event, but unfortunately a few things led to it's downfall beforehand, two I think in particular, which is likely why it was changed.

    The first was the Subterranean Ruins quest. To be honest, this shouldn't have even existed in an ideal world, but because eidolon prayers demanded items needing valor coins, and PVP was so toxic by that point, X-Legends probably (rightfully so) gave in and gave players a way to do this without dealing with PVP. You can literally AFK 75% of the quest and complete it with zero gearing in the shortest possible time (I can explain how if anyone doesn't know, but it's not really a secret), and you can also do it on multiple characters and get a lot of potential coins. This made Centurion's population take a big hit.

    The second was basically the nonstop growing list of things you needed to do to try and stay on top as more and more was added to the game over time. This simply makes it overwhelming, especially for newer players. The same became true of free to play players and even small/medium spenders when things like accessory fortification first debuted, and still to this day for +30 (nice job keeping a feature that is a year and a half old that inaccessible without massively spending Aeria), requiring you to be a heavy spender to compensate.

    It didn't help that near the end, there was an increasingly common meta movement in Centurion where people just used full move speed PVE equipment to run around and farm towers, and then swap to full tank PVP gear as soon as they so much as saw another geared PVP player. While this sounds like a unique tactic, the reality is it led to full rounds of nothing happening because tank gearing led to non-interactivity between players, so a PVP event meant for two sides of up to 50 players felt more like a 20 minute boring PVE event sparsely populated by maybe a dozen or two dozen players total.

    The accessories drop in the next dungeons.

    As for trophies, I'll try and lay it out the best I know as it will come. My understanding may be a bit off but I believe this is how the ideal setups would be to come.

    Guzigla's stays for sure until Awakening. The next level cap (not necessarily even in the next patch) raises the cap to level 99 only, but it shouldn't be too many patches after that in which Awakening comes and the cap goes to S.Level 5 (level 105), but who knows how long that is time-wise with Aeria's patches, or how long it takes to reach it with their wonderful leveling curve adjustments. So, worry not, Guzigla's has staying power. After that, overcap crit becomes overcap crit damage cap, so the meta goes more towards crit/crit damage stuffs for accessories and trophies. At that point, there is the already-existing level 95 Winston's trophy or an upcoming new crafted S.Level 1 trophy that gives a fair bit of crit, as well as 15 crit damage (to elites and bosses) which doesn't rely on a proc, which can of course also be made with imperial core. Either of those is likely what I would replace Guzigla with, but only after you've reached S.Level 1 and beyond, because that is only when you get the benefit of overcap crit damage from overcap crit. So don't go and start using Winston until then because the boss/detail damage of Guzigla still make it the best trophy right now.

    Eventually, a really, really good S.Level 5 trophy comes which displaces your main trophy again, and moves the trophy I mentioned before to your secondary swap slot replacement (which should have been either Delphonia or level 65 elemental accessories until now). This trophy will sort of be like a better Delphonia which also offers crit and 25% crit damage instead of 5% detail damage, and remains your main trophy going forward.

    Annnnnnnd... finally, Taiwan just got new level 95 (yes, level 95) elemental trophies. These are finally the upgrades I've always been waiting for to the level 65 elemental trophies. Despite their "low" level of 95, these will actually become the best options as swappables for against the respective elements at least (but they also offer 20% elemental skill damage so some people may also use them for that role against violent bosses, I am unsure yet as they are new).

    Short version is, stay with Guzigla's as a main trophy, and level 65 elemental trophies (if you have them) and Delphonia as swappables until you are S.Level 1 or higher. Eventually, the goal should be to get a S.Level 5 trophy as a main trophy, and the new level 95 elemental trophies for swapping.

    about lv90 acc, i personally still want it because of imperial cores..

    Imperial or not, the level 95 accessories that will come within a few patches (they drop in the new dungeons that come with the next raising of the level cap) are going to be sooooo much better than anything that currently exists, and remain that way for so long (they are still the best choice in Taiwan), that you are missing out on too much not to get them. If 9% move speed is make or break on missing bosses or not, then make a second tab for move speed stuff (I know, I don't like the idea either, but it is what it is). Back when Fatal Toxin was the best accessory set before level 90 gear and level 80 enchant cards came, using level 80 accessories over them for the move speed was still fine because the level 80 sets weren't that much worse at all (due to being higher level, mostly), but this new set is literally going to be way better. If you're unfamiliar, the set effect is a crit hit has an 8% chance to proc 30% crit damage and 50% crit damage cap for 12 seconds, and the set itself offers a loooot of crit rate, so even after Awakening this remains the ideal set for a long time, even over crafted S.Level 1 sets. Unless you already have them, I would absolutely advise against wasting gold on accessories right now because the only good gold investment on accessories now is to wait for those.

    Of course, this also means getting to level 95 on a server that has monetized leveling beyond what was originally intended by the developers. Still, I would carefully consider the options on if you want to spend the extra gold on something you would really want to replace as soon as you can (once the set is out and can be afforded).

    I don't think those stats are lacking, but I'm noticing a trend where people with even 500k damage are feeling bad about their stats o.o;

    I'm jealous of level 70 on both paths. I would personally shift some (at least) of those crit points to additional fire and ice damage though. Perhaps a small difference, but overcap crit doesn't do anything (yet), and I feel 26k crit is higher than you need right now.

    As for working on eidolon or gears first, that's honestly up to you. I feel restructured eidolons should probably be done after being geared, although you're sufficiently geared right now, so either way works I suppose. The thing is, you really only have armors to work on so I'd probably work on gear first. You can honestly skip the level 90 accessories if you don't have them already and just try to get to level 95 and use the new set which will be coming (although I wouldn't expect it to be cheap). Once it releases, everything else will be so much worse than it, and it remains the best for so long, so you are going to want it eventually. Therefore, don't even bother with level 90 accessories now. Your trophies are also fine until Awakening, the only thing you'd do before then is replace Time Theory with Delphonia at level 95. You already have level 90 weapons. So really your armors are the only thing to work on for gear for now.

    Try and cap crit damage. Get 6/2 stones and use a crit damage 5% costume weapon enchant if not already.

    How is your elemental damage? If you don't have fire/ice holy chest, emblems, hats, and mounts, try and work on completing a set of those. Elixirs are nice, too.

    thank you for the advice, im still lacking bonus stats from eidolon prayers, achievment, and professions
    my HP is high because im using HP e-card for my weapon
    and how to increase crit damage besides from secret stones and weapon mastery?

    Unfortunately, that is the problem Wizards face right now, and the poor situation with +30 isn't helping. Getting 400% crit damage is otherwise rather hard without taking crit damage in place of other trade-offs (like eidolon buffs, mount stats, emblems, etc., none of which I recommend if you can get the preferred in those places instead). The bad news is, it's about to get even harder as the cap will steadily grow until it becomes a potential 510% for Wizards later.

    Your best bet to get crit damage without making arguable trade-offs is using crafted level x0 weapons (unfortunately the later level x5 weapons are better since this sort of is a trade-off itself), getting as many 6/2 stones as you can, and even using a crit damage 5% costume weapon enchant (still an arguable trade-off, but still better to use crit damage 5% than damage 2% if you're not capping crit damage). It was even worse for me as I was a Bard subclass because it's hard to justify forgoing the Bard party buff, but for Shuriken subclass, it's party buff is rather useless so you can at least rely on your own party buff if you use that as a subclass. It also offers (albeit small) crit damage from fortification bonuses. I have an aversion to the latter and newest three (play themself) classes even as subclasses, but I'm probably showing my old fashioned nature.

    I don't think so. Most of those are probably normal for that level gear around +20 if your bonus stats aren't that high (eidolon prayers, eidolon stories, and achievements namely among a few small others like professions, enchant cards, etc). Just work on those to raise your speed and crit, and you're lacking crit damage, although your HP seems just somewhat high to me. Either way, those stats are still definitely enough to make you enough of a contribution for your slot so there's nothing to worry about.

    I mostly agree with the above, but even if you can get a lot of extra fire and ice damage through holy chest, I'd still say it's better to get even more of those two than using up to 20 points just because of Fatima (which is probably only notably hard for most players in Otherworld Forbidden Lab). I'm not saying points put into lightning are bad, and if you want to balance it more it's a good investment, but there's a liiiiitle bit more fire bosses and even more ice coming (the next dungeons are basically split on dark and ice, though the new dungeons are going to be rather easy for end game players). If you're having trouble with Fatimas then I'd sacrifice flame but ice should be invested into with equal if not more priority than lightning and after dark in my opinion.

    For new players though, you pretty much want to do it as you already have it (although crit points are much more worthwhile than speed points in weapon specialization, so it's better to get crit first in weapon specialization and then cap speed using character stat points if you need to).

    For emblems, eh, either is probably close enough I would guess, although given the choice of only one, I'd prefer boss damage there myself (mine was damage 8%/ice skills damage 11% so I just never swapped it besides to a move speed one). For mounts though, I'd say ice skills damage would probably be a bit better on violent stuffs (although I had both in the end, I was using boss damage at the time since I had it first). Elemental stuffs of course wins out in both cases, unless you have an emblem like I did or something. I was definitely swapping mounts though.

    At this point, yes, Fatal Toxin probably wouldn't be worth moving to, especially as you already have Blinding, because you need level 80 or higher accessories for penetration cards which are a rather big deal now. For a long time there, though, before those cards were a thing (or at least common), it was a great set that was a bit better than Blinding if you could manage around the lack of crit from it, and even about as good as the level 80 sets in damage to bosses (sans no speed speed potential) at a much cheaper cost.

    I was about to ask why boss damage was so low (bad habit reaction of mine I guess because I'm used to looking at under ~110% as low), especially since I saw Bard subclass, no Best Defense (which then I presumed Deep Blue) with a Time Theory or Delphonia equipped, but then saw no food, no Ballad, and figured emblem might not be detail damage, so it's fine. With Ballad and food (unless you're using Royal jelly Tea), you'll be at 110%, haha.

    Is the Blinding imperial? If so, I can see why you never bothered changing to Fatal Toxin at least. Still not +20 on accessories, huh? Well, at least you play well to make up for it.

    <GS>Sylver when

    Never, for many reasons. One is I don't have the activity or passion (for neither Aura Kingdom nor MMOs in general) since over a year ago, so my window is long past. Another is my opinions clash with how Aeria is managing the game and keeping in touch with it's community (mostly since the last year and a half or so). Lastly, I probably wouldn't even do a very great job (I remember back when I was even thinking of the idea not so seriously, the ideal I could dream of doing would be like how Asano later ended up doing, so consider her a better of what I would have tried to be anyway, and there you go!). I still stalk around for pounces and give random input and help at times, because I still have some fun and care for the community, and it's best kept to that.

    No, no. That's not the only reason. You could free up some spaces on your skill bar (and maybe put mspd/dd pet OR GK EMOTES) and you can switch just almost instantly rather than swapping your trophies or mspd emblem manually which I personally find pretty useful in speed runs. Though you'd still need Imperial in your dps set to dodge carpets.

    Making an entire set to save yourself one swap? Fair enough, an advantage is an advantage, but were it not for what I mentioned about weapon cards, this wouldn't be a thing 99.999% of players considered or did outside of those wanting an excuse to use Bestial for their main set. So even if it's still advantageous, my point stands that the real reason this is a thing people consider is because move speed cards which means most players stand to lose too much move speed because this dead game is ridiculously expensive anymore.

    She is a tank-guard , why u bothering yourself to explain stuff for dps classes :/ If she cant afford imperial cores or rebuilding and transferring fort. level , swapping stuff for ms is the best way for her to catch up in pt runs.

    The first post asked why imperial cores were preferred. People were just answering o.o;

    Nobody knew how funded anyone was, what class or gearing they were, etc. until once you started mentioning it.

    You guys thinking about "solo" , she is a tank guard so she can do that in party runs easly. Also iirc correctly lvl 88 blue set have more tanky stats than lw or hs so it can be done even in sfl :/

    When solo, move speed doesn't matter because you're not going to miss bosses to anyone else then. The only penalty at that point (besides the obvious of playing solo in an MMO game, which I don't see the fun in), is you're making even more inefficient use of your own time by slowing your completion time down for absolutely zero reason. It is in parties with fast, geared players who rush ahead and selfishly nuke bosses in two seconds with busted classes that you need the move speed to keep up with. If you're not even running with fast players or doing party runs, I don't even see the point of asking why you need imperial stuffs. When you're playing alone, you can do whatever you want.

    Per the second part, maybe at base stats, but how many are going to fortify those Blue sets (and before you say the higher defense still allows you to cap defense with The Best Defense, what about those of us not using an inferior mastery and are using Deep Blue instead)? Once you do, the entire argument of even doing that goes out the window, because the only reason using a move speed swap is a viable thing is to get around the fact that a pair of move speed 9%, dual drive cards, and penetration cards is too rare and costly. Once you start the route of wasting funds to fortify a pair of useless gears for the move speed, it's called just use move speed cores and buy the cards instead and get the benefit of being able to forgo swapping. If move speed didn't exist on weapon cards (and they weren't so expensive and hard to get), this wouldn't even be a viable option.

    At the end of the day, players can do what they want, and I never have and never will harass anyone for their choice of cores, subclass, whatever. It's just a game and people should do what they want. That being said, when you ask questions about why something is done, you have to expect players to give the reasoning for it, and that is what the answers are doing.

    I made a few small grammatical/typo fixes, as well as some small additions to make it better prepared for edits as future content comes along. I couldn't touch one post though because of the silly character limit, so I still need to do that. D:

    Namely, one future addition that comes along is that level 95 elemental trophies very recently released in Taiwan! These are very good, even after Awakening where things become the crit and crit damage meta. Unfortunately, as they are that much better than other options, it is going to make things that much more expensive. Again, thank Aeria, as this is becoming more of a theme and problem only on their servers until they stop being overly limiting in accessibility to the year and a half old +30 feature. To give you an idea, the existing level 65 elemental trophies even beat out Delphonia, but it's by a relatively small gap that doesn't warrant fortifying six extra trophies. The much higher stats of the upcoming level 95 ones, however, will likely only make them that much better (especially since the trophy these will likely replace is another 95 trophy anyway).

    i know but still playstyle i like using DSR for more thne jsut a get out of redline free card xD its a me thing most players dont use it like i do

    That's absolutely fine. I'm all for people playing whatever class, subclass, rotation, etc. that they want, since it does no harm to others playing as you prefer. I'm just commenting for the sake that even if you do your own thing, if it does deviate from the norm or ideals, it's worth mentioning as to not lead less informed players astray.

    Usually when people ask for rotations, it leads to arguments. D: That's why in my guide, I didn't include a rotation portion (and it is situation dependent), and instead listed the skills and their uses, and let players come to their own decisions.

    For the most part however, most classes come down to wanting to use the same sole skill every time it's off cooldown, and end up putting the same (or the same two alternating) filler skills between it. So, most classes therefore spam the same three or so skills, but that's an ideal case scenario, as you'll often some sort of situational or upkeep stuffs (which in some cases can actually add up to a lot of other skills being used but not usually), differing opinions on how to initiate an engage, and even arguments about what skills are/aren't useful, so...

    For Tachi, I would more or less agree with the above. Black Swallow is your main spam skill, and you fit filler between it. Usually the filler is alternated between Soaring Flash (for defense shred) and Iiado (for the detail damage plus damage itself). I want to say I thiiiiink some Tachis (Jae, etc.) way back when used to say the weapon specialization skill (of which I forget it's name) was potentially better to use in place of Soaring Flash when the defense debuff doesn't need applied, but I can't speak personally of that.

    Excellent guide on a lot of the points, but the lack of foxes makes me sad. D:

    The only thing I am wondering about is the level 75 shuriken sub weapon. I'm not too familiar with shuriken weapons, but is there a reason you suggest that one? Wouldn't the PVP weapons give a little more move speed (level 80 is 10% and level 90 is 12%) and is arguably equally easy to get just through farming Subterranean Ruins for a few days on a few characters or whatever and not require an enchant card at all?

    Edit: Oh, I see, with fortification bonuses, the level 75 shuriken gives 6% more move speed. I still think it's worth mentioning you have to +30 this to see it become better than the level 90 PVP weapon unfortified at all, and since most players can't afford to +30 their entire set I don't think 99% of players will be able to do this on just a move speed swap, so maybe include the PVP weapons and situations where either is better maybe.

    As has been said, imperial has the most benefit, but this even extends to outside of dungeons and combat, where every other core does nothing for you. Nearly everything you do involves traveling in some form, and imperial cuts that time down. It's simply more efficient. Bestial has always been about either eye candy stats and screenshots, or lower cost, rather than actual use.

    That being said, now that gear tabs are a thing, I suppose you can use whatever you want though, if you go the route of using that to set up a second tab for move speed. I stopped playing before this became more of a thing, but Tsuruga explained it to me so I have a vague idea of it now (personally, I would only do this as a min-max thing if you absolutely need more move speed to get around the fact that ideal weapon cards with move speed included would be so expensive and hard to come by rather than an excuse to use bestial, but it's still an option all the same for those who can't afford imperial cores, or just don't want them because they have other things to put the gold and such towards).

    Well, it's fine. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. If someone likes it better now, I'm not intending to try and tell them they are wrong in their enjoyment. After all, it's only a game, and having fun is the goal, and it's never my own personal goal to try and ruin that for anyone else. That being said, I do firmly believe that the state of the game on Aeria's servers is rather dire and speaks for itself, however.

    Anyway, again, opinions of the game in the past compared to now isn't even what I intended with this, so can we please leave that bit out? I wanted to see if anyone would like to try and challenge themselves a bit (I'm starting to guess not, though, in which case I'd rather the thread just die than become an argument).

    That being said, I'm not trying to simply discuss how the old days used to be way better, or what can be done to go more back to those ways (again, at this point, little can probably be done as the damage has long been done). I'm simply trying to see if any players would be willing to challenge themselves despite the poor state of the game.

    Quoting myself here, and I don't know if that is directed sort of to me, but if it is, as far as "who is to blame goes", I've always said there's things on both X-Legends and Aeria, so I largely agree with you anyway. I've never raised issue towards Aeria for poor balance or whatever though. The complaints to Aeria were over things they can control, and things they did to attempt to more aggressively monetize the game in the short term at the cost of it's future. The fact that it would or be far from a perfect (or if you will, even good at this point) game anyway because of X-Legends' development is neither here nor there on that matter. Again though, none of this is even the main focus of this thread, but yeah I guess the game is also long gone of any real players who'd do what I was looking for anyway. D:

    Sadly, the time to correct this probably long passed. Sometime between a year and a year and a half ago, many players kept giving Aeria feedback at how some of the then-new changes in management of the game was likely going to harm the long term health of it and increasingly drive players away if they continued that trend, but things simply continued, and... that's what happened.

    That being said, I'm not trying to simply discuss how the old days used to be way better, or what can be done to go more back to those ways (again, at this point, little can probably be done as the damage has long been done). I'm simply trying to see if any players would be willing to challenge themselves despite the poor state of the game.


    New challenge mode: give yourself 1 gold cap to build an entire character and try to solo everything in the game with it. Nothing can be sent over or leftover from other characters. No dragon points either, except masteries.

    Getting gold cap itself would be a challenge to me D:

    This is sort of a different idea and I sort of like it, but it still probably wouldn't be that hard? it's been forever since I knew what prices were like to be sure though. I do know though you can save a lot of gold by using Sniper (free) and Fatal Toxin (super cheap and as good as level 80 alternatives). Sure, they aren't the best, and namely you can't enchant them with penetration cards, but a Shuriken with this and level 80 or 90 weapons can likely easily solo everything (if not close to it) still, probably even without fortified accessories.

    Gonna take this option into consideration since like you said " the only way to make it really worth is to run sub shuriken for the dmg of TF4 procs. " is a fact.

    But literally every Ravager now I've seen ever since shuri sub came out went Shuri sub, reason it became too mainstream. So I've decided to go for bard sub PVE when i hit 90. ( Tho Fawkser is still Duelist sub, very good Ravager )

    The reason everyone went Shuriken subclass is because it's literally that much better than anything else (the only thing close to an argument otherwise is Bard because of the move speed, not the damage, and you need to +30 to get the most of that). This isn't even exclusive to Ravager; it's the case for every class in the game. It's beyond silly, but it's the reality of it, and everyone wants the easiest option which is also why the majority of this game's population quits their original class and then plays only Ravager, Shuriken, Holy Sword, and/or Lancer. I've been watching it happen since 2014 or 2015 and it's nothing new.

    I also wouldn't consider Bard nor Duelist subclass that "different". They aren't "bad", mostly because you can do well with any or even no subclass, but they are simply out of date and less effective now in that there's something better, but before Duelist/Holy Sword became mainstream on Ravager, Bard was what everyone used too (and going back even further you can include Katar).

    The only thing that comes to mind as markedly better is elemental trophies, but that's not a good option for most players as that's six more trophies to fortify. Time Theory remains your more or less best all around option until Delphonia is able to be used at level 95, and even then it's not a stellar upgrade (it just has way higher resting damage stat so it looks better, and you don't need to worry about stacking anything).

    The other thing you can try is the level 90 feather with defense shred, but I wouldn't replace Time Theory with this, just supplement it with it. In Otherworld Sarpa Lab and Tomb of Ancients, it is useless. In others, whether it is better or worse and by how much varies and you'd have to probably break it down boss by boss, how much other defense shred is in place and how long it took to come into place (the longer it takes, the more in favor of Time Theory it is), etc., etc., so while it's not a useless trophy, you can stay with Time Theory and generally not miss out on a whole lot. If you want to craft one though, there may be cases where it can really add to your damage output for a duration, especially if you stack Time Theory first and the swap to it (you still miss the 7% boss damage then though).

    While that's part of it, the problem wasn't new with those classes (it definitely made it worse, though). Take them away and we go back to what the game had for two and a half or three years or whatever, and that's Ravager as the easy one (though the gap between it and what follows wouldn't be as huge as it was back then).

    The other problem remains though that even if you take the top three or so classes away, while much would change, not much will change at the same time. If you remove +30 atop that, and make damage lower and/or PVE stuff harder to kill, then you're almost there.

    That's where a lot of these example limitation ideas came from. Maybe I'll try and do some myself and hope a few others will see it and do the same (especially since, while I may accomplish something, I don't necessarily make for impressive showings when it comes to videos so maybe others will look at it and go "I can do that better or faster easily" haha). Having gotten rid of all but two of my characters, and over half of my gear, will make my options limited though, but maybe I'll give it a try, even if I'm the only one who ends up doing so.