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    wow I've genuinely only see this much text with nothing said in presidential election campaigns, with your proficiency in the bullshit dispensing department your talents are clearly wasted at aeria, ever consider a career in politics?

    Dear Aura Kingdom GM/PM/CM/AM/FM/AC?/DC? Team

    Thank you so much for deciding to follow through on enforcing the terms and conditions that I agreed to upon joining this game in early February of 2014 and permanently suspended my account in 2017 pending review. I am pleased to inform you that despite my mild interest in getting my account back as was implied at the point of my initial suspension I now have no interest in doing so en light of this most recent PM announcement. Thank you so much for saving me the multitude of thousands of dollars I would have foolishly spent on your game with the intent of my investment mostly carrying through the game until I decided to no longer play it. Your continued and unflinching passion to drive AK's progression, economy, and overall enjoyment into the ground has made me so happy to have been suspended for the last year and some change. I thank you and everyone at Aeria sincerely and hope that under no circumstances do you unsuspend my account as doubtlessly my money would be better spent on a company with decent business management teams, sustainable profit model, and essentially isn't staffed entirely with howler monkeys.

    Thank you for your services, your actions have lifted a great weight off my heart, I return to being ecstatic about my ban and encourage others to try the same.


    This is actually a really nice guide and much needed piece of information. Thanks, one thing I think a lot of us would like to see if you feel up to the challenge (probably would be a lot of work though) is a break down of average xp per run and then an approximation of the xp per point efficiency. I know I did something like this with a few of my friends and we figured that Aelius Temple Chapter 4 was the most effective thing to spam to level your chronicle, however, with 2 new chapters being released since then I'd be interested in someone actually taking the time to investigate further.

    All in all props, solid piece of content which is rare for AK these days.

    Here I'll do your work for you, its simple enough after all, you don't even need to look anything up if you can test in game.


    Lvl: 20+ (60% Additional Dmg)

    Lvl: 40+ (90% Additonal Dmg)

    Lvl: S1+ (110% Additional Dmg)


    Lvl: 50+ (90% Additional Dmg)

    Lvl: 80+ (110% Additional Dmg)

    Duel Drive Cards (80% Additional Dmg)

    Rapid Assault (50% Additional Dmg)

    Eido Stories (50% Additional Dmg)

    Zeal Mastery (Listed Value)

    Zeal Mount (50% Additional Dmg)

    Pets (50% Additional Dmg)

    Eidolon Star Buffs (50% Additional Dmg)

    Easy enough took me like 10 minute and had to ask some friends about content I never tried. So food, drink, weapon cards are good. Mounts, Eido Buffs are poor and get outshone by other options.

    Added note, some trophies (Maladonak's, Titans Soul, Delfonia's) say something along the lines of additional dmg, this however is not a zeal, it merely adds the stated amount of detail damage to your stats for the duration of the proc (eg until next hit).

    That's cute but im not interested in your pity. After all im not the one who is still playing Aura Kingdom. As for the rest of it, I merely assumed you were trying to be helpful to the community, and as someone who's helped compile multiple reference sheets, pinned guides, FAQs, and other bits of information everywhere I was doing my best to give you a helping hand in producing quality content. If you aren't interested in any of that then I apologize, but that begs to question what you are interested in instead. If you are happy putting out mediocre content then more power to you I guess, hope that carries you far into the future.

    As for the remark about HPD, well im pretty sure personal attacks regarding mental status is a violation of the TOS, but moving on I'm more flabbergasted, I was under the impression people who were qualified to diagnose a fairly serious personality disorder over the internet were educated enough not to write "Your'e at this point of telling me". Hope your credentials speak for themselves, because you certainly don't.

    So basically, you are agreeing that you made a useless post.

    Last I checked this is a thread about "Optimizing PvE Dps" and apart from a straight forward section, (that requires the proc chance and additional damage multipliers) has little to do with zeals. This thread is dedicated to helping new players get better and make good, solid builds that will carry them through their time in AK, not for people to post useless and pointless information that have little or no correlation to the topic at hand. I understand you want to make your splash in AK and be hailed as a great player and more power to you, but if you want to actually help people out trying to comment on a post that I doubt you grasp completely (based on your list of zeal procs) is not where you start. I suggest you sit down, think about what this forum actually needs, spend some time writing and revising your post, have some friends review it (preferably one that speaks better english than you), and then post it to reep the accolades from doing so instead of trying to piggy back on the work of someone else.

    And the award for the most useless post in existence goes to....

    Drumroll please..

    THIS GUY ^^

    If you are going to list zeals its vitally important that you specify the % additional damage it deals otherwise people will wonder why you use a level 40 drink with a 10% proc chance but not an eido star buff with the same proc rate. Without context one would assume they are roughly equivalent when in reality one is almost twice as effective as the other.

    My personal stance has and will always be that there is nothing worse than people who present inaccurate or incomplete information, because regardless of intentions you can inadvertently cause more harm than good.

    No the point was that if you are going to make modifications to the client, I would say that said time would be much better spent fixing the game because it destroys your CPU and GPU harder than 4 instances of far cry all rendering the most cinematic explosions known to man. When you are putting together a list of things that need adjusting in this game I think its incompatibility with Ryzen hardware ranks slightly higher than "Oh no I have to click the second tab to select my lancer".

    lol. I mean when you log out on a character, it gives you the opportunity to log back in on that character regardless of what page they are, personally I liked it because I'm a very position oriented person, so it helped me keep track of which storage alts had what items based on where they were in my character select instead of what class they were. Its such a minor detail though, like if you have a problem with how AK is, I think the last thing you should bring up is the reordering of character placement, shall we talk optimization, dodgy frame rate?, inconsistent UI issues?, etc. I think your quality of life would be much more improved being less bothered about what place your character is on the list. But what do I know.

    Why are you mentioning defense shred in the first place, from the point that I quit defense shred had become inherently useless due to the innate defense buffs of a boss, whats the use in defense shredding if its base defense in 3 times higher than cap. This is the core reason why most JPN AK players use 95 gold weapons instead of 90 crafted because destroyer cores actually become worthless. However, I could be entirely wrong, I haven't played in over a year and a half now and I don't intend to again. You clearly misunderstood my point though CatSaysMeow. It has nothing to do with how good your guide is or how much knowledge you have. This is a fundamental truth of the internet and life in general: Regardless of how knowledgeable you are, and how good your points are, unless you can convey them simply and succinctly to your targeted audience and that your targeted audience actually reads and understands it, it is a waste of time. Getting ridiculously technical with the math behind every minor optimization only serves to clutter your guide and dilute the important information that most people are there for which to put simply is: Basic Gear Choices, Envoy, Stat distribution (HAHA NICE MEME 99 DMG 99 HP 2k18 lul), Simplified Rotation. Once someone cares enough about optimization to go looking for answers they will eventually just message someone they know is knowledgeable on it, but most people don't care about optimzation, once they can reliably clear they are happy.

    Real question, why post a guide when people wont actually read all of it.

    Every guide I've ever posted on this forum has had at least 50% of the comments on it asking questions answered in the guide. The single greatest impact you can have on this game's community is finding people on your server that want to learn and helping them out one on one and tailoring your responses towards them specifically.