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    Hello! I wanted to comment something about the Winter Event. When doing Nicholas's third quest (look for the missing Snow Elk) I tried to do it, but with a failed result. I killed, in this order, 11 Tundra foxes (white), then 11 Fire foxes (orange), then I found the Grandma, she gave me pie, and I gave it to the shy fox (earning both buffs). Then I killed the Woodland foxes (10 and green). No Elk. I looked around, no Elk. So, I decided to leave the zone, the quest to retake it. Tried three times (this time following the order given -wood/tundra/fire-) but couldn't get the Peach pie because I have the buffs from the first run (cannot be removed by right-clicking, they last 24 hours). Do we have to first kill the foxes, then do the Peach pie part, for it to appear? If it's like that, I will try tomorrow, but if it's not necessary, or something I mentioned shouldn't work like I explained, I wanted to point it out.

    Thanks for the nice patch and sorry for any inconvenience I created!

    In my case, I do have Electronic Music (it's a huge damage dealing skill) plus the Ballad of Rock-'n'-roll.

    My question is focused on the Awakening quest, which is being a huge pain in the first boss. It has an attack that one-hit me (and I saw some other players too), so if Wizard has a skill that would protect us of all attacks, even just for three seconds, maybe I could use it.

    You said Electronic Music, so I will try to use it when I see that awful attack is being casted :AK2:

    Thanks again for everything! :AK13:

    Hello Sylver_Aura, first of all, thank you for such a helpful guide, my first and main character is a Wizard, and thanks to this guide I could set her the best I could.

    I have a question. In one post, you said Wizard/bard has a combo skill that grants invicibility for a few seconds. Which one is it? I've been trying myself but I didn't notice if I made it or not :AK2:

    It could come handy for you a boost on earned XP (I left my feedback about doing XP boost every week or more often). In the week boost we had, I managed to get up to level 99 and unlock Awakening. So I suggest you to ask for it here, on Facebook, Discord, Twitter... The more, the highest chances for it!

    That said, as Sylver_Aura said, your best options are: Run dungeons, do the daily quests (blue exclamation mark (!) Quests), Mirabelle's Quests (try to do those with lucky flowers/cactus/stones, because they give extra XP (if you get 20 Mirabelle's blessings, it's a huge extra!)), Dimension Hall 85...

    One important thing you should keep in mind: XP boosters. You have XP cards, superior XP cards. They give +20% and +40%, it's a total of +60%! And yes! You can use both at once!

    Also, add Poseidon Crystal, and Ancient Amber (not sure if it's the correct name) that also gives a nice boost. Don't forget the Crystal XP (1day) and week Crystal XP (7days) that can also be used both at once!

    You can also use the Gaia Sprites (those do stack only time; if you use Sprite 1 day and Sprite 3 days, you get the effect of one for 4 days)

    Don't forget the Quest Books! They give extra XP when you turn in quests, and yes! They are affected by the boosters! So take the chance to use them all while your boosters are still on!

    Sorry if it's a bit mixing, but it's a way to get there faster. You can stack up a Max of +500% XP in boosters, x5 of XP per kill or turning Quests (hard to do, but if you want or can afford it, go ahead)

    Good luck! :AK4:

    You are a beginner, that's why is so low. To earn Eidolon Points, you have to:

    Acquire new Eidolons

    Evolve them

    Feed them elemental crests

    Raise their level (can't feed crystals if their level is equal your characters's)

    Just do Temple of Eidolon all the time and keep growing them. You will gain points, stats and even items (check the archive)

    That's all for now 😊

    Yes, I agree this game needs a faster update, mostly when there are other versions of the game to compare with.

    I still wonder why, aside all you posted (and I agree) why we don't get the endgame pre-awakening dungeon more balanced. I was pure luck on my side that I beat Frigga Peak's first boss, let alone the last one (and I didn't run it again because it took me about two hours, no joking)

    Also, I found kinda unfair that account Gaia cube with the gear was delivered to only those who created a character or didn't surpass level 80. I am the unlucky one who the game boosted my main character so much, I was level 91, without a decent gear until they allowed the Lordswarth's set farming, and no PEN, no nocturnal weapons. I played other games, and those that gave away those gearboxes, gave it away to all those players who needed it, one per character. Of course I don't expect the other bonuses like Shirayuki, outfits, Coins and fortification boxes... But yes at least the gear one, at my level 98 (and seeing how hard it will take Awakening, not in a rush neither) I still cling to my so dedicatedly farmed Lordswarth with +7 fortify (fortify costs a lot, and take in mind I have an awful luck in life, meaning a lot of scrolls spent without luck)

    So, instead of only boosting the real new players, or those who are so have their characters already maxed and are bored, don't forget those who are in the middle!

    TL:DR - Give the gear and accessories gear boxes one per character to all characters, no matter the level or when they were created (for returning players too) and give the orange gear box drop to all the dungeons. At least pre-awakening.

    Fix Update 28.082019:

    • The HP & DMG of the level 60 world bosses was adjusted once more ლ(¯ロ¯"ლ)

    bye bye



    This is better. Even though the goat in Vulture Vale still kills us when swapping channels, the one in Blizzard Berg is good enough. Don't listen to those who say to buff the goats again because I don't see them oneshot them. It takes a good couple or more of minutes to kill the goats.

    On another issue, is the mount upgrader broken again? I tried to reshuffle my mounts and it didn't work :AK6:

    I think, being a newbie, this would kill all the fun of the game. I love going solo. I joined and kept playing AK because with grinding and using some brains I can explore most of the game without the game pressing the party mode for the reasons you stated against parties. If seniors, boosted users find the game less challenging, I don't know, debuff them somehow. I leveled up rather quick because the starting boosts of the game, but my fortify levels doesn't go higher than 7 on my lvl 80 gear I managed to farm after the last patch. The in-game economy is too unbalanced (solo dungeons barely farm gold versus crafting expenses, both materials and gold) to add more debuff to us new players. I am okay with adding more challenge, but not at expenses of new players gameplay' sacrifice.