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    You still need to check the item, however, correct?

    Floor 5 in my example seems to behave the same.

    I never check the items. I just dig and run to the next spot. And yes, floor 5 acts the same way. No need to check or identify the item.

    Great guide!

    On the floor that you mark as floor 1, you don't have to identify the the item and can just leave them on the floor. A relic will glow after 4 or 5 digs (i never counted) without identifying. This can save time if you want to go through the first 5 floor faster.

    I always thought that durability loss was not caused by use of skills/weapon but by the hits you take from monsters. This is however not true when hits on a totem pole, that won't hit back, also causes durability loss. My thoughts were based on the fact that the durability loss on my guard is always a lot more than my ravager and sorc. My sorc often doesn't lose any durability (ranged class, doesn't get hit often). Short version: if you don't get hit you won't loose durability. Because that mechanic is used in grand fantasia, were you have durability on armor too, this was the most logic conclusion that i could think of and never gave it any other thought.

    Now I'm very curious to what realy causes durability loss and why it's different on different classes.

    I'd love to see his event coming back. I do however feel the need to express that the effort it took to gather the summons is too big (I did it on multiple chars daily) compared to the reward the event has given us. One would expect to have at least 1 full key of one of these eidolons.

    I still need Pandora (not exactly need, it's more like wanting her) and out of almost 700 summons I did not get 1 one key frag of Pandora. I got 11 key frags total (Zashi, Uriel and Zephyrine). Mayby just my bad luck. Or should I consider myself lucky to get that many because I was able to participate in the larger summoning events? What if I was in a smaller guild or not in any guild at all? I might have gotten nothing at all.

    And there I think the guildleaders and their vices have a good point. I can't come up with a solution to this (except for increasing the droprate). All solutions mentioned are not viable.

    But YES! please bring back this event. It gives us a chance at getting rare eidolons and it was fun and exciting to do the summoning together in guild hall. And if you decide to do so, I'd love to see other eidolons added to this event also.

    Edit: What if the summons could be exchanged through shared bank? There's a lot of people that have multiple chars but are not allowed to have them all in one guild. If the summons could be exchanged between chars, the summoning events in the smaller guilds can become larger, giving them more chance to get drops.