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  • is gunslinger sub is good on lancer or not?
    • It's awful, never go gunslinger as a sub on anything.
  • Hi I’m new :) I’m playing gunslinger but I don’t know how to do the envoy. When I checked ur guide it said I am unauthorized to view the image.
  • big ghei
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  • Hi, thanks for the gunslinger guide. Btw, how can I view the pictures at the bottom of the guide? It says that i'm unauthorized to view. Thank you very much ^^
    • nvm, it's fixed. Thanks again for the guide!!
  • Ok thank u
  • I’m not able to see the envoy path for pve gunslinger can u give me access to see it
    • Click the picture on the bottom, it works fine for me, I was able to open it.